278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case: Durable Protection for Your Valuables

Traveling to trade shows often requires durable and reliable transportation solutions for exhibits and display materials. The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case has been designed to meet these demands, offering a robust and protective container for a variety of exhibition components.

A sturdy, heavy-duty 278 Expo II shipping case sits open on a warehouse floor, ready to be filled with equipment and materials for transport

The 278 Expo II features built-in wheels for easy maneuverability and striped nylon buckles that secure the contents during movement. A designated label area assists in the identification and handling of the case at busy venues. Its thoughtful design is tailored to facilitate the use of trade show participants, making the transportation of essential materials less of a burden and more efficient.

Key Takeaways

  • The 278 Expo II is a heavy-duty shipping case designed for transporting trade show materials.
  • Built-in features like wheels and secure buckles enhance the case’s usability and convenience.
  • The case’s design focuses on robust protection and efficient handling for trade show exhibitors.

Product Overview

The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case - A sturdy, black molded shipping case sits on a warehouse floor, with heavy-duty latches and reinforced corners.

The 278 Expo II is a heavy-duty molded shipping case designed to meet the needs of tradeshow participants and frequent travelers. Its construction features thermoformed polyethylene, which provides a balance of durability and weight, making it suitable for both shipping and carrying as luggage.

The case is equipped with built-in wheels, which along with a steel, rubber-grip handle, enable effortless transport across various surfaces. To ensure content security, the case offers 1.5″ straps with nylon buckles. An 8″x12″ label area provides ample space for identifying information, aiding in easy recognition during travel.

Users benefit from a choice of 12 stock sizes, ensuring a fit for a variety of needs. Customization options are available, such as adding foam lining or die cut foam inserts, molded-in logos, or attached labels to enhance utility and branding.

Feature Description
Material Thermoformed polyethylene construction
Wheels Heavy-duty, built-in wheels for smooth transport
Handle Steel, rubber-grip handle
Straps 1.5″ straps with nylon buckles
Label Area 8″x12″ for identification
Stock Sizes 12 options to accommodate various requirements
Customization Foam inserts, logos, and labels (available on request)

The 278 Expo II’s rugged design is particularly geared towards protecting contents against the rigors of transportation, positioning it as a reliable solution for protecting and transporting valuable items.


A heavy-duty molded shipping case, with durable construction and secure latches, sits on a warehouse floor surrounded by other shipping supplies

The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case stands out for its durability and design, tailored to meet the needs of trade show exhibitors and travelers alike. It boasts robust construction and is equipped with features that ensure secure and convenient transport of goods.


  • External Dimensions: 36″(L) x 20″(W) x 12″(H)
  • Internal Dimensions: The lid telescopes to allow a maximum inside height of 17″.
  • Lid Area: 8″ x 12″ label area for easy identification.


  • Construction: Made from black thermoformed polyethylene.
  • Handle: Equipped with a steel, rubber grip handle for comfortable maneuvering.
  • Optional Customization: Offers a molded logo and color options available in quantity.

Weight Capacity

  • Straps: Features 1.5″ straps with metal buckles to secure contents.
  • Wheels: Comes with heavy-duty, built-in wheels to handle the rigors of shipping and frequent travel.

Protection Features

The heavy-duty shipping case sits on a warehouse floor, surrounded by other industrial equipment. It is made of durable molded material and features secure latches and reinforced corners for maximum protection

The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case is designed to secure and protect its contents with robust materials and built-in security features.

Molded-In Protection

The thermoformed polyethylene construction of the case provides a rigid and impact-resistant outer shell, safeguarding the items inside against shocks and drops. Items are further protected by the case’s ability to withstand harsh temperatures and resist corrosion, ensuring the case remains intact and items undamaged over time.

Secure Locking Mechanisms

To ensure the safety of its contents, the case is equipped with 1½” straps with nylon buckles that maintain a firm closure, mitigating the risk of accidental openings during transit. For added security, the metal buckles ensure that once locked, the case remains closed until deliberately opened by the handler.


A sturdy, black, heavy-duty shipping case with custom foam inserts, secure latches, and durable wheels

The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case is designed with the user’s convenience in mind, featuring mobility solutions and efficient space-saving capabilities for ease of transport and storage.

Handle and Mobility

The case sports a durable steel, rubber-grip handle, ensuring a firm and comfortable grasp during movements. It is equipped with built-in wheels that support smooth maneuverability, allowing users to transport their contents with ease. This design addresses the practical needs of individuals regularly involved in trade shows or those who require a mobile storage solution.

Stacking Capabilities

One of the 278 Expo II’s notable features is its ability to be stacked securely, optimizing space during storage or transport. The case’s uniform rectangular shape allows for stable vertical stacking without the risk of toppling over, making it a reliable option for users who need to manage multiple cases simultaneously.


When customizing the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case for various needs, two key accessories offer enhanced protection and organization: foam inserts and panel kits. These components are tailored to secure and compartmentalize contents, ensuring that items remain safe and systematically arranged during transport.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts provide cushioning and a snug fit for the contents of the 278 Expo II case. They can be custom cut to meet specific requirements, cradling each item to prevent movement and potential damage. For sensitive equipment or delicate items, these inserts are an essential accessory to maintain the integrity of the case’s contents during shipping.

  • Customizability: Foam can be cut to the exact dimensions of each item.
  • Protection: High-density foam absorbs shocks and impacts.

Panel Kits

Panel kits are designed to enhance the organizational capabilities of the 278 Expo II case. They allow for the installation of shelves, brackets, or other organizing systems. This converts the case into a portable workstation or a more efficient storage solution, where each component has a designated place.

  • Installation: Easy to fit inside the case with minimal tools required.
  • Organization: Offers a systematic approach for arranging items within the case.

These accessories ensure that the 278 Expo II case can be adapted for a wide variety of applications, from trade shows to industrial transportation, providing both safekeeping and orderliness to the stored contents.

Warranty and Support

The 278 Expo II Molded Shipping Case is backed by a standard one-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. It is important for customers to note that the warranty does not extend to cover damages due to misuse or the rigors of travel.

In the event that customers encounter any issues with their case within this period, they are encouraged to contact customer support for assistance. The support team is equipped to provide guidance on warranty claims and facilitate the repair or replacement of the case as needed.

Warranty Coverage Details
Duration 1 year
Material Defects Included
Workmanship Included
Travel Damage Excluded
Misuse Excluded

It’s essential for customers to retain their purchase documentation, as proof of purchase is required when seeking warranty service. For expedited processing of any claims, customers should aim to submit their request by 1:00 PM Eastern Time, as indicated by one of the retailers.

The manufacturer has made it simple for customers to get in touch with them directly for any support needed beyond the warranty. This might include purchasing additional cases, accessories, or obtaining information on handling and care for the 278 Expo II case to extend its service life.

Environmental Compliance

The 278 Expo II Molded Shipping Case is designed with an awareness of environmental impact. Manufacturers are increasingly mindful of the materials and processes involved in production.


  • Thermoformed Polyethylene Construction: This material is known for its durability and recyclability, which can potentially reduce waste.
  • Recyclability: Polyethylene materials are commonly recycled, making them a more sustainable option for environmentally conscious consumers.

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduction of Waste: The production process aims to minimize waste generation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Efforts are made to utilize energy-efficient manufacturing techniques.

Compliance Certifications

  • The product adheres to relevant environmental compliance standards, although specific certifications are not detailed in the provided information.


  • Eco-friendly Packaging Standards: Packaging materials are selected with consideration for environmental footprint and recyclability.

It is recommended for potential buyers to inquire further with the manufacturer regarding the specific environmental certifications and compliance standards the 278 Expo II adheres to. The availability of this information can provide greater transparency and contribute to informed purchasing decisions.

Use Cases

The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case is designed for a variety of applications. It is used in environments requiring the transportation of goods with a high need for protection. Here are some primary use cases:

  • Trade Shows: Exhibitors frequently use this case for transporting displays, marketing materials, and booth components. Its rugged construction ensures these items arrive in pristine condition. The built-in wheels provide mobility on the trade show floor.
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: The tough exterior and secure strap system make it suitable for moving sensitive A/V equipment that needs to remain undamaged during transit.
  • Sales and Demo Kits: Sales professionals can rely on the 278 Expo II case to secure and transport their demo products to potential clients. The various case sizes accommodate different types of samples.
  • Medical Equipment: Given the case’s strength and the option for a telescoping lid for variable height, medical devices can be transported safely to various locations, such as clinics or trade fairs.
  • Sports and Recreation: For robust equipment that requires protection from rough handling, the case provides a secure container that can be checked as luggage, as pointed out in its case description.
Use Case Reason for Suitability
Trade Shows Mobility and durable protection for exhibition materials
A/V Equipment Rugged construction and secure fastening for delicate items
Sales/Demo Kits Various case sizes cater to different product dimensions
Medical Equipment Telescoping and protective features, adaptable to devices
Sports/Recreation Solid and secure for checking in sports gear as luggage

The 278 Expo II case is available in 12 stock sizes and is an asset for users who need a reliable solution to transport their items safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case is recognized for its robust construction and functionality. These FAQs provide specific details about its features, durability, dimensions, materials, comparison to similar cases, and pricing.

What features distinguish the 278 Expo II as a heavy-duty shipping case?

The 278 Expo II features heavy-duty thermoformed polyethylene construction, built-in wheels, and steel rubber-grip handles. It also includes 1.5″ straps with nylon buckles and an 8″x12″ label area for easy identification.

How does the 278 Expo II Shipping Case perform in terms of durability and protection?

This case is designed for long-term durability and protection with its rugged molded exterior. The heavy-duty build is suitable for shipping and checking as luggage, ensuring that contents remain secure during transport.

What are the interior dimensions and storage capacity of the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Case?

While specific interior dimensions can vary as the 278 Expo II comes in multiple stock sizes, each is crafted to maximize storage capacity, granting ample space for a range of items.

What materials are used in the construction of the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case?

The case is made from thermoformed polyethylene, a material known for its strength and resistance to impacts, moisture, and chemicals, which all contribute to the case’s heavy-duty status.

How does the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Case compare to other shipping cases in its class?

Compared to other shipping cases, the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Case stands out for its robust construction, versatile storage options, and built-in mobility features like heavy-duty wheels and a rubber grip handle.

What is the price range for the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Molded Shipping Case?

Prices for the 278 Expo II Heavy-Duty Case vary depending on size and features.

They typically range from $377.00 to $529.00, making it a competitive option in the heavy-duty case market.