Xpressions SNAP! 2 x 3

Xpressions 2x3 display kits all use the same frame, but achieve different looks due to using different combinations of different sized skin graphics.

The stretchy graphic skin is available in its normal material, a SHEER material (same price), and a RECYCLED material (slightly higher price).

​Review the many different shapes available for Xpressions skins.

Click HERE to review the eco-friendly Green options for Xpressions Skins. 

Click HERE to look at a list of all possible Xpressions Skin Shapes.

Click HERE to download Xpressions Fire Retardant Documentation

Open Frame Dimensions = 63”w x 94”h x 12.75”d

Closed Frame Dimensions = 6”w x 7”L x 33.75”h

Frame Weight = 10 lbs.

The 5ft wide 2x3 Xpressions kits are shown below; these all use the same frame, with different graphic skin sizes and layouts.