Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Trade Show Furniture

If you can capture an eye, you can open a mind. It should come as no surprise that businesses that want to publicize their services and products use trade show marketing as the go-to option. It’s a great investment of money and time that yields even better returns.The furniture you use at your trade show is an essential piece of the promotional puzzle at your upcoming event, and this ultimate guide to choosing the best trade show furniture should help your selection process.

Choosing the ideal pieces for your display can be the make or break in achieving the level of marketing returns you need for your investment. With that being said, let’s explore the ins and outs of choosing the best trade show furniture that will deliver service and style. It’ll help you create that wow-factor that will leave a lasting impression on your clients, regardless of the occasion. 

Types of Trade Show Furniture

Here’s a breakdown of the different categories to choose from, depending on your needs and requirements. 

Display Kiosks and Counters 

These are the anchor of strong trade show booth designs. The operations for your entire showcase revolve around display kiosks and counters. They aid in the provision of an interaction area for any attendees to your exhibit area, which exposes your brand and company message. So, the exhibitors of events gravitate more towards finding getting more insight to permit an informed decision or making a purchase. A counter or kiosk is the natural center of attention for gathering people at a trade show booth or bar. They deliver a home base for that interaction. All the attention makes this type of trade show furniture invaluable in real estate. You can use it to your advantage with a personalized exhibit counter. A myriad of our display kiosks and counters come with customization options to pair well with your brand. 

Portable Tables 

They not only increase dimension to your space but also deliver sufficient room to display your merchandise. Some styles, such as cocktail tables, help to create areas that enhance conversation which is ideal for connecting with exhibitors in a more meaningful manner. These cocktail tables can offer optional branded tops and cell phone charging stations, convenient for your customers after a long day at the event.

Portable tables are not only a breeze to transport thus allowing you to take your brand anywhere but also assemble and disassemble. So, you can bring them along for all your trade shows without incurring additional costs of roping in staff to setup. 

Moreover, they’re designed to be reused as many times as you deem necessary. For a polished look, our portable tables are easily customized to suit your needs. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. You have free rein to choose an eye-catching design, color scheme, and material that revolves around the needs of your brand. 

Some of the most popular materials from which you can take your pick are vinyl, wood, and glass. Nonetheless, you can get a custom printed tablecloth that ushers in an on-brand and stellar booth. 

Trade Show Chairs and Seating 

These are a sight for sore eyes for trade show attendees that are knackered. A dedicated lounge area ushers in an inviting ambiance for people to sit down and relax. 

For a more polished look, you can take your pick from our high class rental furniture, all of which can be customized to gel with your brand.

an example of a custom booth made by a trade show exhibit booth manufacturer

Display Towers and Cases 

These come in handy sizes, some meant to attract attention across the entire event, and smaller versions designed to bring your merchandise up to eye level, giving attendees enhanced visibility. Contrary to the generic displays found at retail stores, trade show display towers and cases are designed with easy disassembly and setup in mind. So, you can pack them up in a jiffy, into the accompanying shipping case, and transport them to their respective destination. 

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Trade show Furniture for You 

After spending hours on end crafting their display and graphics, a multitude of people throws dull, stock furniture into their booth spaces in a bid to cut down costs. Keep in mind, that rigid chair ushering in discomfort or chipped brown table, is simply unacceptable. 

It’s time to invest in the best trade show furniture that will turn potential customers into real clients. So, we’ve rounded up a few factors to consider that will steer you in the right direction when choosing your trade show furniture. 


Whether you choose to use pop-out banners, outdoor banner stands, or trade show booths, showcasing is an uphill task for the team members coordinating the exhibition. So, making sure your outdoor display includes sufficient seating for your team and attendees is a necessity. 

Seating spaces in outdoor displays come in handy for taking much-needed breaks. We suggest choosing chairs and couches that strike the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. Refrain from prioritizing function over form. Pick furniture that can easily be reconfigured after tea breaks for potential clients to lounge on as they chat with your team.


The trade show furniture you select should excellently mirror your brand from the displays of your rivals. Choose the most ideal furniture that forms a lasting impression to lure in potential customers to your booth. It should exude uniqueness with a touch of elegance. All other accessories should be in pristine condition, inviting, and practical. 

The quality of the trade show furniture you settle for makes all the difference in bringing awareness to your prospects about your brand. With furniture that makes your display seem like it was set up on a shoestring budget, you’re kick-starting your exhibition for failure, before you get the ball rolling. 

Nonetheless, trade show furniture doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There’s a boatload of options that can be perfectly customized to reflect your brand while capturing the attention of your rivals in the business. Budget for a couple of pricier items to compliment your brand and infuse glamour to your display stand. 


We recommend having a different theme for each trade show you attend. Showcasing a certain theme sets you apart from the pack. It strikes a chord with the attendees long after the show ends, regardless of whether your theme is futuristic, classic, natural, retro, or antique, select furniture that compliments it, remarkably. 

Choose furniture with the ideal branding, color, décor, and finishing that cohesively links your theme to the prospective clients. Consider a uniform and eye-catching theme throughout the display stand to capture attention. 

Storage Spaces 

A myriad of exhibition venues doesn’t have practical storage units or spaces. Therefore, opt for trade show furniture that comes with reasonable storage spaces. They deliver an ingeniously built workable storage solutions and usher in smooth exhibitions activities. 

Items such as gift bags, brochures, additional stock, and stationery should be discreetly stored and easily accessible as need be. Moreover, select furniture with storage spaces to ascertain that exhibitors aren’t held liable for damages and injuries that may arise. 

By investing in topnotch quality furniture, you protect the image of your brand by making sure potential customers aren’t irked by unsightly clutter in your booth. Lastly, choose furniture that delivers unmatched security for valuables such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Display Type 

It’s based on two factors. Firstly, your preferred display method and secondly, whether you prefer having attendees outside or inside your stand. With that being said, select furniture that blocks or facilitates easy access to your tent. If you’re selling from your exhibit booth, restrict passers-by from accessing your products by setting up your display tables around the outer edge. Doing so allows you to freely move within your stand while showcasing your products or services. The furniture you opt for should facilitate intensive or light display methods depending on your preference. 


You want your attendees to enter your space and be comfortable. After traversing the aisles of the trade show, resting on a comfortable chair, bar stool, or couch, is just what the doctor ordered. Moreover, buys you more time to do what you do best; pitch to your potential clients. 

Trade Show Furniture: Inside or Outside the Exhibit Booth?

Do your displays take time for people to examine? Then we recommend designing your exhibit space to cater to attendees that step into the booth area. So, position your trade show furniture around the edges and leave the front space open to make the booth welcoming. 

Allowing passers-by to step in will lure them out of the flow of traffic. In turn, this gives you the chance to interact better with them. Using your space to lure in attendees is a great benefit if you want people to take the time and patience to check out your displays, air their views, ask questions, and be immersed. 

Keep in mind that it’s a show which means you won’t have them for an extended duration. Therefore, position your displays at appropriate heights to avoid forcing your audience to crouch down for a better view. Position everything for enhanced handling and viewing. 

If you plan to sell products and services from your booth, it’s advisable to restrict casual passers-by easy access to items in your exhibit booth. If this is the case, set up your display tables on the outer edge to provide ample space to move around freely as you showcase your products. 

Regardless of whether you choose to place your trade show furniture outside or inside the exhibit booth, keep in mind, cramming everything together in a small space creates an aura of sensory overload. Instead, ensure every display depicts your wares in an eye-catching manner and has a focus. Remember, less is more. 

Closing Remarks

Trade show furniture is an ideal way of infusing a personal touch to your brand while providing a comfortable and welcoming space for your prospective customers. By taking the time to select the best options for you, your business is well on its way to raking in the profits you once dreamed of. If you’re uncertain of the furniture and whether to rent or buy, our team of experts is always one phone call away.