Trade Show Furniture

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The Importance of Trade Show Furniture

What are you doing to make your exhibit display stand out from the competition? Adding trade show furniture into your display not only attracts booth visitors but also can serve as a multipurpose marketing tool you can use to catch passerby's eye. It is just one more opportunity for you to display your company logo, colors, or message to passing attendees. 

The trade show furniture you choose to use is what will get your booth visitors to linger and stick around for a while. During this time, you can tell them the story of your company and spread brand awareness. 

So, what are those advantages again?


Trade show furniture helps your exhibit stand out from the others, which is the primary goal of any company participating in one of these events. When paired with your pop up displays, backdrops, and other booth essentials, you have the unique advantage of being able to personalize the booth space further to make it memorable and unique.

Professional Appearance

Exhibit furniture can also give your booth a more polished and professional appearance. It is a good way to complete the overall look and bring everything together in a more cohesive fashion. So, choose booth tables, chairs, and counters that flow with the rest of your booth design.

Create a Welcoming Environment

The furniture also goes a long way in creating a more welcoming environment for booth visitors and attendees. You are providing them with a place to sit and relax. It is also a good way to draw in booth visitors and get them to stay for a while.

Promote Your Brand

Finally, use the space and the furniture to promote your brand even more. You can choose custom trade show furniture to boost brand awareness. If you rent the furniture, then you can opt for customized kiosks and table covers to complete the look. 

Common Types of Trade Show Furniture

Not sure what trade show furniture to rent to make your exhibit space look better? Here are some of the more common pieces that people choose.

Display Counters and Kiosks

The display counter or kiosk can be the center of your display. This is the spot most attendees will gravitate toward because they are looking for more information about your company and brand. So, use that to your advantage and see how beneficial this kind of real estate can be in your booth.

Portable Tables

Portable tables can add dimension to your booth space and provide you with even more room to display your merchandise. There are different portable table types to choose from, depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish. A cocktail table, for example, promotes conversation. You can then add a custom table cover to the table you choose that is custom printed. 


You can also use the seating to design a dedicated lounging area within your exhibit space. There are various seating options to choose from. If you want to be perceived as a higher-end brand, you will want to choose pieces that reflect that. 

Display Cases and Towers

Display stands, cases,  and towers can be used to bring your merchandise up to eye level. This kind of trade show furniture is also easy to assemble and disassemble.

Trade Show Furniture: Top Picks for High Class Product Demos

At almost all trade shows, exhibitors want to spend time with their clients, and provide information pertaining to their products and services. Thus, one of the primary considerations in exhibit design should be using trade show furniture to provide comfortable gathering areas and trade show counters to display your brochures or products.

For software or online SAAS products, or perhaps products too large to bring into the show, your demo's may need to be virtual, primarily using digital displays with monitors, computers, and iPads stands. If your products are physical and small enough to be conveniently demonstrated at a show, then of course you should bring them with you!

Either way, you need to plan how to show off these products and services - most of the time, you'll need specialized trade show furniture - some trade show counter displays, a portable kiosk or counter of some sort, configured with a monitor or iPad. Sometimes the monitor won't be necessary, just a large enough counter space.

How heavy are your products? How much room do you need to show them off? How many demo stations do you need? Here at American Image Displays, we offer trade show furniture, counters and kiosks in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Investing in Trade Show Furniture is Important!

You want your prospective clients to linger - not just glance at your booth and move on.

  • Many of them will be a little footsore after wandering the trade show all day - give them a place to sit and chat with your sales team!
  • If your sales team wants to do a product demo, a trade show booth table and chairs make a perfect place for that product demo.
  • Perhaps your products will fit into your booth space - if the size is appropriate trade show counters and kiosks make great places to showcase those products.
  • Make your booth space look professional, with an assortment of trade show furniture that looks polished and professional; with a look that matches your trade show backwall.

Large Selection of Professional Trade Show Furniture

Our selection of trade show furniture includes many choices in these basic categories - portable booth tables, exhibit seating and chairs, display counters and kiosks, and even larger towers, arches, and walls to create private meeting spaces. Portable tables provide product display surfaces, as well as suitable locations for laptops, product demos, and private chats. Exhibit seating and chairs offer your clients a place to rest their feet and let them focus on your demo instead of thinking about their next stop and trying to finish up. Display counters and kiosks move your products up to eye level and showcase them, adding a professional look and feel to your booth space.

And almost all of our trade show furniture can be branded with your logos and slogans, allowing you to take advantage of those surfaces to boost your brand awareness and also coordinate the look and feel of the entire booth design.

For those trying to minimize shipping costs, some of our shipping cases, like the Expand Podium cases, can even be converted into a piece of your trade show furniture! Depending on what you'll be doing at your trade show, we have options that will help everyone provide professional demonstrations.