Trade Show Table Covers: Stand Out. Or Stand Aside.

When you’re planning your trade show display, you want to make sure every aspect fits the theme and look of the space. That includes your trade show table covers – advertising space is at a premium in trade show booths, especially the smaller ones.

total show table cover package Don’t settle with a dull black or white, “plain jane” table throw! Instead, use the table throw to synchronize with the rest of your displays, display your company color and logos, and highlight the products that you want to promote.

Size Choices:

1) Table covers typically come in 6ft and 8ft widths, and are called “full style” if they have a back panel, or “economy style” if there is no back panel (see the black table cloth below). Most table throws are sized for a 28″ tall, 30″ deep table, but custom sizes are readily available.

2) Table runners are narrow strips of cloth, typically 30″ or 48″ wide, draped over a solid color tablecloth (see black runner on yellow below). Printing just the narrow runner is less expensive, and these can be a good option for tight budgets, as well as when you want a contrast between the table cover and table runner show table covers-resized-600

Fabric choices:

1) Standard table covers are made from twill, 100% polyester fabric. It is our most popular because of its durability and wrinkle free characteristics. It is lightweight and has a smooth opaque finish. It passes NFPA 701 Small Scale & California Section 13115 for trade show flammability requirements.

2) The other material option is a snug, form fitting, stretch table covers, called an Ultra Fit. The graphics and images you choose will be printed on a stretchy fabric that is made specifically to hug your table tightly from the floor to the top.printed contour table cover-resized-600

Print Choices:

Trade Show Table Covers and Throws are available printed and unprinted  – The unprinted table covers are actually pre-printed a striking solid color and are inexpensive, perfect when you have a tight budget and just need a simple, clean look. They go great when combined with custom table runners.

Logo Imprints – Perma-Logo’s are the industry standard choice because of the combination of quality, cost, and durability of the product. The vinyl logo imprint is permanent and will not peel, crack or fade, making a logo tablecloth a very good investment.

Full Dye-Sub Table Throws – These full-color dye sub printed trade show table covers are invaluable if you want to make a big impression and set your table apart. You can have graphics imprinted on the front-facing section of the table cover or you can have the entire fabric covered by the graphics, so your logo and message will be experienced from all four sides.

Screen Printing – is a printing technique that uses a stencil, best for color matching and producing multiple quantities of the same design; this technology allows you to print logos and other artwork that will match your brochures, business cards and other stationery exactly.

Applique Prints – These are made combining a small piece of fabric with a full dye sub print on it, which is then ironed or glued to a full size unprinted table cover. The result combines the expensive, full color dye sublimation print with an inexpensive unprinted full size table cover.

An expert trade show display company experienced in creating trade show table covers can help you choose the fabric and print combinations that will work the best for your specific requirement – give us a call if you have any questions!

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