Trade Show Table Covers & Runners

Sometimes it seems like the best part of any trade show isn’t the many trade show displays, or the magicians or acrobats or mimes (or booth babes) – sometimes it is just the swag. Everyone loves collecting free stuff, and simply running around from trade show booth to booth in a convention center is enough to make some of the most professional-looking business people turn instantly into children roaming a candy store. From bags to USB ports, beer mugs, and even that laptop cover that just doesn’t seem to fit any laptop ever made, the swag can sometimes seem like it is what makes or breaks a trade show.

Many “professional attendees” claim it is possible to judge a trade show as a success or failure simply by the material given away for free.

Of course, something must go under, behind, and around all the swag, so when the good stuff is all gone, exhibitors finally get their chance to attract visitors based on the merits of their products and the appeal of their trade show exhibits. Whether the event is in a large convention center with hundreds of booths, displays, and overhead banners, or just a small chamber of commerce or local networking group meeting, when businesses have the chance to promote their goods, they need to do so in a professional show table throw package-resized-600

As noted, even if your marketing event is very small, with just a table top display and 8ft of space, the goal is the same as when at a huge international trade fair – you need to stand out from the crowd. If you blend in and look like everyone else, what would encourage a visitor to visit your spot instead of someone else?

Make Your Exhibit Stand Out

So, starting with your first small event, don’t just use the metal table and generic black or white table cloth provided for free – invest a little bit and get a nice looking logo tablecloth prepared for your trade shows and business meetings. Using a personalized table cover or table runner can make a huge difference in even a very simple presentation. The advertising spot on the table cloth doesn’t take up any space at all, so it will fit in even the smallest booth – there’s just no good reason not to have your company name and logo placed on a printed table cover, available for all to see.

While we’re talking about your company name and logo, be sure that you’ve coordinated all of your brochures and literature and business cards – everything needs to be organized so that the company branding, name and logo, are constant and uniform wherever they appear – don’t use different colors or fonts or logos in different locations, make sure that your brand is constant, so people start to recognize it when they see it.

Using a Customized Trade Show Table Cover

trade show table cover

Trade show table covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, standard and custom, so no matter the size of a particular table, it is possible to cover it in a professional manner. There are also plenty of choices for print method, from vinyl heat transfers to screen prints and dye sublimation printed table throws. With a good looking table throw, a business looks more organized, professional and trustworthy, presenting itself in a positive light. When someone walks through a show and there is a professional looking booth with printed table cover, signage and other information readily available, next to another booth with just a bare table and chair, with limited to no information available, which booth do YOU think the visitor will stop at, and which one will they all remember, the professional looking display or the naked booth?

The best part of purchasing trade show table covers is the reusability aspect. Unless a specific event or date is printed on to the table cover, it can be used as often as needed and will stay pristine looking, without further investment, for years. This way, the money for trade show events may be put elsewhere, such as putting the employees running the booth into a better hotel for the night, or better yet, letting them eat in restaurants instead of fast food joints – it’s amazing what saving money can do!

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