Trade Show Display Ideas: Think Outside The Box

20' x 20' Sustainable Hybrid Island-resized-600

20′ x 20′ Sustainable Eco-Friendly Hybrid Island

Most exhibitors understand full well that their trade show display ideas, and the displays themselves, only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the passers-by at the trade show.

When considering the layout and design of your trade show booth, you want to focus on how to stand out from your competitors and neighbors.

Think about what you see when you walk around a show: many of the trade show displays are fairly “cookie-cutter” looking, similar and not very original.

This is partly because all trade show exhibitors have to meet the same show requirements, filling rectangular and square booth spaces. And it is partly because there are lots of similar looking trade show display models.

But it’s also about the effort put into the booth design process.

If you don’t put some thought into your trade show display ideas, your booth spaces will be filled with banners and exhibition displays that blend together with all your neighbors and don’t stand out.

Potential clients are at the show, but they are typically rushing around, trying to check out everything that looks interesting. On a tight schedule, in a large show, they will easily miss your message if they have seen a hundred similar versions of it already.

Consider these possible alternative trade show display ideas when you’re trying to figure out how to get outside of the box:

  • Curves and circles:

Break away from the concept of ninety degree angles. Craft an exhibit design where the walls curve.

With a service desk in the middle of the booth, customers can walk around your trade show displays and your product placements in a circular motion.

It creates a greater sense of space within your booth and it is much better for the flow of traffic than traditional designs. Not to mention that it is a more graceful design for logos and displays.

  • No walls at all:

Remove the need for walls. Walls are meant to keep people out when you are trying to invite people in.

Solo Magic Cafe Trade Show Table and Chairs

Solo Magic Cafe Trade Show Table and Chairs

A lack of walls is a positive thing, a space where you can create a much more dynamic sense of advertising with additional trade show signs and banners.

The banners then can be placed in more of a 360º configuration.

This means that those trade show banners and display stands will catch the eye of potential clients from all angles of the trade show floor.

Why would you limit your visibility by placing your advertising behind walls?

  • Get creative:

Designing a theme for your trade show booth requires you to be creative, but it will also make you memorable.

Take the product you are emphasizing and come up with trade show display ideas that help convey a uniform message.

If your product is cutting-edge technology, perhaps a sleek “space-age” design with metallic surfaces and curves would be best.

I’ve even seen a booth for a packing company where all of the surfaces were wrapped like boxes!

It was a striking and appealing image that helped convey the corporate message in an eye-catching and novel way.

20 x 30 island trade show display with meeting room

20 x 30 island trade show display with meeting room

  • Ceiling space:

If it’s possible, place trade show banners or use a hanging sign above your trade show booth.

When you want customers looking all around, don’t forget all three dimensions.

It’s a simple matter of creating something that is just out of the reach of their sense of touch.

Overhead hanging banners and signs help clients find you in the crowd, and the large hanging signs also make you look like one of the “big players” in your niche.

  • Hands-on:

The same idea about “touch” can be used for product demo’s on display counters or trade show kiosks.

Human-like, or even need, to touch things, and most of us learn from touch quicker than by reading or listening.

Remember the science fairs where you were able to teach exotic sea creatures or rare minerals?

Consider your product as one of those “new” and unique items and allow your customers to touch it.

Reconsidering your approach to your trade show display ideas is critical to your success.

Creating a memorable experience at a trade show requires you to design your booth with originality and imagination, and to spark some wonder or curiosity in your clients. Thinking outside of the box for the shape of your booth – or simply taking your product out of the box – presents your client with a gift that they can’t wait to open.

The first step in the process is making a list of your requirements – what does the booth need to accomplish for you? We’ve got a list of questions we like to ask new clients – if you’d like to use our list to help you get started, just click the button and it’s yours!
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