Great looking Custom Banner Stands!

banner_alive_allure-resized-600Here’s a photo of a recent customer’s new display – this time it is a customized variation of an Allure Banner stand. The customer initially wanted an Allure, which uses a perfect combination of style and substance and can be used for displaying product and graphics at trade shows, in retail environments or at special events and exhibits.

For this application, our client needed a custom height, and also wanted graphics on both sides (the Allure only has a graphic on the front).

As you can see, we were able to meet their needs! The custom display used the Allure’s exclusive Quick Lock connector technology, making it extremely simple and convenient to assemble. In fact, it’s so easy that one person setup this display at the trade show in less than 2 minutes without tools – how much easier can it get?!

This display cost less than $800, including graphic, frame and soft carry bag, and was delivered 5 days after we received the graphics file.

Next time you’re looking for trade show banners of any sort, check out our website here – – or give us a call!

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