Exhibition Displays Are Only Used by Companies Bound for Success!

Many marketing departments are still slashing budgets to keep up with the slow economy. This might just mean postponing a piece of trade show furniture or some other trade show supplies for a while – which is a judgment call we all have to make. However, in some cases, these cuts include reducing or eliminating participation in trade shows – that decision can be a huge mistake.exhibition display 10x20 custom hybrid with iPad kiosk and counters-resized-600

Successful companies are well aware of the role that trade shows play towards their financial prosperity. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the proof with trade show displays is actually in the pudding. The CEIR found that successful exhibition displays at trade shows save companies an average of $795 for each sale closed.

In addition, according to the CEIR, companies that take advantage of face-to-face networking during trade shows save an average of 79 percent in new customer acquisition costs.  Exhibition displays aren’t just promotional vehicles that include a company’s slogan, logo and product information; they are also highly effective, recession-proof sales tools. Here are several reasons why:

Exhibition Displays Increase Brand Exposure

Trade shows allow professionals in a given industry the opportunity to meet with the industry innovators—in the same place, at the same time. Company representatives are thus able to gain exposure for their products or services, and quickly receive genuine feedback and recommendations. Although larger, more established companies may not need the added exposure provided by these shows, smaller companies can benefit immensely. Participation sends a message to prospects, clients and competitors that a company is in the game for the long haul and should be taken seriously.

Exhibition Displays Provide Highly Effective Advertising

Traditional forms of marketing, such as TV commercials, direct mail and online advertising are not usually as manageable as face-to-face networking.  For example, convincing a prospect of the value in a product or service is difficult to achieve if the prospect is not receptive to the message, or is not interested in hearing the “pitch.” At the same rate, winning over a receptionist in hopes of reaching the coveted decision maker takes patience, repetition and nerves of steel—without any guarantees.

What better way is there to spark interest in a product or service outside of face-to-face interaction, especially with someone that already chose to attend the show specifically because they’re interested in these types of products and services?! Not only can prospective clients experience seeing, touching, hearing or sampling a company’s wares in-person, they can simultaneously provide crucial feedback.

Exhibition Displays Can Attract Targeted Leads

Exhibition displays give individuals and companies first-hand exposure to products, services and opportunities before their public release date. When choosing a show, try to find an event within the same niche or a related niche – that will increase the amount of possible sales leads.  With an effective call-to-action, closing strategies and follow-up strategies, trade show participants become customers in less time and with less resistance than cold prospects.

A company’s success with trade show displays like the widely popular Waveline and Xpressions displays is highly dependent on the type of event attended and the kind of results expected during the event. Regardless of the industry, there are three common elements that will help determine the return on investment from an exhibition display. These elements include:xpressions connex 20x20_b_large-resized-600

·   Manageability –reassuring the trade show booth can be transported at minimal cost

·   Utility  – usefulness of the display stand in showcasing the product or service

·   Visual Appeal – the trade show display’s appearance and ability to attract target prospects

A company’s presentation at a trade show is not just a one-time event; the public perception of an organization can be largely affected by their appearance in a trade show. Show attendees generally participate to learn about products or services prior to purchasing; to learn the newest industry trends and products, and to network with prospects, clients and competitors.  Increase the effectiveness of any marketing program by using well designed exhibition displays at properly selected trade shows —and with a bit of luck, make some extra sales in the process.

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