Dress, Assess, Success in your Trade Show Booths

Appearance can be everything at a trade show, and although trade show displays are a vital part of the image you project at a show, that first impression is sometimes determined by the collective visualization of your trade show representatives. You could have the best displays in the world, but if the staff don’t look like major players, then your company won’t either. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the aesthetic of your trade show representatives:custom hybrid inline display with tension fabric graphics and led lighting

  • Dress: It always depends upon the image of the product you are trying to convey, but usually you don’t want to project a casual visual when selling that product. When you see representatives in t-shirts, it can often seem like they are minimum wage employees at a dime-a-dozen mall. At the very least, consider polo shirts with an embroidered company logo. Or if you are trying to sell a product that you consider to be high-end, it is not at all excessive to require your employees to wear collared shirts, perhaps with blazers and even ties. Remember: as great as your trade show displays are, they can be offset by the casual dress of your employees. Project a classy atmosphere and serious attitude by requiring professional dress.
  • Assess: Representatives should never seem to be needy or desperate. Although you want to get your product out there, you don’t want to appear anxious for attention. If your representatives project poise and confidence, it is more likely that the clients will come to you, whereas if you chase after them, the clients will run away. Convey a friendly demeanor and the customers will be comfortable approaching or being approached by you. Always assess the willingness of customers on a case by case basis. If they aren’t looking, don’t force their attention. If they look at your trade show displays, then you can rightfully assess that they were interested all along and volunteer information and ask questions.
  • Success: The professionalism of this approach is more than half the battle; being approached by friendly and professional looking representatives makes the potential client far more likely to be receptive to your message. They will be impressed by the visuals of your company’s employees and much more likely to accept the sales pitch when greeted in a professional and friendly way, by a confident and secure individual. This works a lot better than the mass marketing technique often favored by trade show representatives. You would be surprised but professional dress and demeanor is a scarcity at trade shows nowadays, and you will stand out by projecting seriousness in the professionalism of your employees as opposed to the “casual” and “fun” approach.

Once your trade show displays have been created, supplement their message with a staff that knows how to dress and assess for success. After you combine these elements together, the combined effect of the staff professionalism and the appeal of your trade show displays will lead to a successful trade show for your company, and many sales of the product you are trying to market. Attitude and appearance are everything!

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