Banner Stands: Reliable, lightweight, easy to transport and use

Banner stands still provide an effective and economical way to almost instantaneously create a graphics presentation. They can be used to complement additional display items, or used in groups to create the entire display. Typically set up in less than 30 seconds, and only weighing about 8 lbs each, our retractable banner stands start at $179 each (hardware, printed graphic, and soft carry bag). Check them out for when you need a quick, cost-effective display.

sol_iq_banners-resized-600Banner stands are available with either fabric banners using dye sub printing, or vinyl banners that have ink jet printing. Both print methods produce vibrant, long lasting colors. Dye sub printing is a more expensive than ink jet printing, but the fabric graphic will not ever curl. In contrast, the less expensive vinyl banner substrate will often develop a slight curl on the outside edge. The trade off is primarily cost vs. curl.
secure_health.jpg telescopic banner stands-resized-600

Banner stands can be retractable, like the ones shown above, or telescopic – meaning that the banner, instead of retracting into the base, is rolled up and stored separately. Telescopic banner stands are less expensive than retractable stands, due to the much simpler hardware requirement.
A final note – banner stands don’t have to be rectangular – we have curved, backlit, rotating, and even digital banner stands if you want to stand out a little further from the crowd.
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