App Corner: Spotted Places

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In this program we will be briefly covering new apps that make your trade shows or events easier and more effective simply by adding something to your mobile arsenal. These days nearly everyone has a tablet or smart phone  -- let's make them smarter, help you make money and save time so you can get to exhibiting!

This issue will be on a new app that can networking before and after a show a breeze, called Spotted Places.

Name: Spotted Places
Developer:Spotted Places
Platform: Apple iOS11, Android
Website:​ https:/​/
Cost: Free w/ Ads, Paid version is available without Ads.

We have covered a number of travel apps because travel is a key part of event marketing programs. Where Spotted Places stands out is it addresses 2 key issues with international travel apps that sometimes can be frustrating.

1. The inability to trust ratings on many websites or apps because of false ratings or purchased ratings. This is particularly a problem with international locations where controls might be more lax. Because Spotted Places can be set to work with people in your social networks or specific well known people or bloggers, you can find locations that you can trust.

Spotted Places App American Image Displays

2. Many travel applications that we find most useful have very little application outside of the US. Because of partnerships with travel bloggers and the ability to apply people from your own network, if you know people that travel to the same locations you are - you likely will be able to find it valuable.

Spotted Places also has good integration with travel APIs, you can even schedule an Uber or make a hotel reservation directly from the app.

If you travel or exhibit internationally it can be a very useful tool to add to your kit in making it easier to find resources or locations remotely.

spotted places app corner american image displays blog
spotted places app corner american image displays blog
spotted places app corner american image displays blog

Using apps is becoming a staple of the trade show business (as are tablet PCs), but it is not the only way to use technology in your trade show booth.