Used Trade Show Displays

Purchasing a good quality used trade show display can sometimes be a great option when you are shopping for your first exhibit, or looking to expand your booth and add new features. All of the used exhibit displays offered from American Image are in good working condition, and we’ve rated them on a scale from 1-10 (10 being ‘new’) so you know exactly what to expect. If you are working on a tight budget, a used trade show booth lets you present well at the expo, while keeping costs down.


Used Trade Show Displays for Sale

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#Table Top BoothsCond.Size-PanelColorCasesNewSale
062411Used 10′ Modular Exhibit & CounterUsed Exhibits - 10 ft modular used trade show display8 8 ft H x 10ft W
Laminate1 ATA Case$13,350.00$2,500.00!$1995.00!
MM-FP-210ft Folding Panel w/2 countersUsed Trade Show Displays - 10ft Folding Panel Display Booth w/ 2 storage counters78ft H x 10ft WGray & Blue4 Thermoplastic$6,500.00$850.00
MM-FP-410ft Panel w/alcove & counterUsed Trade Show Exhibits - 10ft Folding Panel Display78ft H x 10ft WBlue4 Thermoplastic$7,500.00$850.00
MM-FP-510ft Panel w/alcove & counterUsed trade show display - Folding Panel Display with Alcove, Counter and Storage78ft H x 10ft WBlue4 Thermoplastic$7,500.00$850.00
050911PPUsed 20′ Pole ExhibitUsed Trade Show Displays - 10x20 Pole Panel108ft H x 20 ft W
Black & Gray1 Thermoplastic 1 Tub$10,874.00$6,950.00!
#Cases & Misc. ItemsCond.Size-PanelColorCasesNewSale
081313vUsed Victory Lit StandUsed booths and tradeshow supplies: literature stand75 pocketBlackn/a$155.00$45
072413Used Wooden Sidewalk BoardsUsed trade show displays - Wooden A-Boards Sandwich Boards836″ x 70″n/an/an/aPricing
042111BUse Flat CaseUsed Trade Show Booth Display - Shipping Case (flat)952x35x5Blackn/a$234.00$75
All used trade show displays are warranted to be in good working condition and rated as to condition with 10 being new.
All sales of used trade show displays are sold AS-IS. Price includes described cases.

What are the pros of buying a used trade show display?

Used trade show booths offer many benefits to buyers who may be buying their first exhibit and do not yet want to spend on a brand new display booth, or those who may need an extra booth so that they can have a presence at more than one show and in more than one place, simultaneously. Here are two benefits of purchasing a used trade show display:

  • Cost Advantages: In some cases, booth owners can save up to 50% (potentially equalling thousands of dollars) by purchasing a used trade show display as opposed to a new one.
  • Customization Possibilities: Used exhibits have the same customization potential as new trade show booths, allowing buyers to implement their branding and business personalities into their displays through custom booth flooring, display lighting, custom printing and more.