Used Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are a good way for you to scope out your competition and see how they interact with their customers. It also allows you to interact with your own target audience and successfully close sales and generate leads in a more relaxed face-to-face environment. 

When you participate in a trade show, you have to have a trade show display that will attract the attention of attendees. You want to do what you can to increase booth traffic and improve your brand awareness. This means coming up with the best trade show display possible.

However, the best doesn't necessarily also equate to new. Used trade show displays can also be beneficial and can work to your advantage. It can also prove to save you some money in the long run, so you can put the savings toward other things you should have at your trade show, such as promotional items and high-quality marketing materials. 

What Are the Pros of Buying a Used Trade Show Display?

Used trade show booths offer many benefits to buyers who may be buying their first exhibit and do not yet want to spend on a brand new display or those who may need an extra booth so that they can have a presence at more than one show and in more than one place, simultaneously. Here are two benefits of purchasing a used trade show display:

  • Cost Advantages: In some cases, booth owners can save up to 50% (potentially equaling thousands of dollars) by purchasing a used trade show display as opposed to a new one.
  • Customization Possibilities: Used exhibits have the same customization potential as new trade show booths, allowing buyers to implement their branding and business personalities into their displays through custom booth flooring, display lighting, custom printing, and more. 

Purchasing a good quality used trade show display can sometimes be a great option when shopping for your first exhibit or looking to expand your booth and add new features. All of the used exhibit displays offered from American Image are in good working condition, and we've rated them on a scale from 1-10 (10 being 'new'), so you know exactly what to expect. 

If you are working on a tight budget, a used trade show booth lets you present well at the expo while keeping costs down.

The Value of a Used Trade Show Display

If you have a budget that you had to slash or find you will have reduced space at your trade show, then a used trade show display may be the ideal solution. Remember, for many companies, the trade show display is actually considered a significant asset. 

Be realistic about the value of your display if you are considering redesigning an old and used booth. New graphics, for example, can significantly increase the costs. So, weigh your options when it comes to buying a new display, renting a display, or even possibly trading in your old display for a used one.

Total costs will depend on the size and layout of the used trade show booths you are considering. However, the industry average is between $100 and $150 per square foot of exhibit space. Other costs should also be factored in as well, including the shipping costs involved with getting your used booth display to where it needs to be on the event day. 

Options for an Old Trade Show Display

So, what are your options when it comes to your old trade show display? Read on to find out.

Get Quotes: it never hurts to ask around and get disposal quotes for your used displays. Some companies find it more efficient to just write off the losses and move on. Many of these companies then turn to renting their displays for future trade show events. 

Sell Your Old Display: You can also consider selling your old display. Gather as much information as you can on it, including photos, drawings, and inventory lists for the display. You can then post the display online and see if anyone wants it. This works best for smaller and more portable displays. Also, be realistic with the asking price. 

Make a Deal: If you have an exhibit company you work with, contact them, and see if you can't make a deal. Maybe they can let you trade in the old display and allow it to go toward a new one or the cost of a rental. Trade-in allowances on contracts are easier on financial records and can also help eliminate your disposal liability.

Donate the Booth: Finally, you can always donate your old booth as well; however, this may not be that easy to accomplish. It never hurts to look into it, though. 

Making the Most of Your Used Trade Show Booth

Whether it is your old trade show booth or you have recently purchased a used trade show booth, there are many things you can do to make it your own and get the most out of it.


When you acquire a used trade show booth, some rebranding is required so that it perfectly represents your company and displays your own marketing message. You will need to have new images, logos, signage, and graphics made for the booth. 

You also have to do this when you purchase a new booth, but in this case, the layout and dimensions of the booth you have are already determined. So, you just need to get some measurements, find the designer to help you nail down your final booth design, and prepare your custom display graphics.


Just like with a new booth, you also have to find transportation services for your used booth. Research the best and most affordable ways to have your booth transported to and from the trade show. You will need to find a truck with adequate space that is easy to offload. 

Installation and Dismantling

If you are new to the trade show world, you may not be familiar with installing or dismantling your used trade show booth. When you purchase a used booth, make sure to get all the information you need for this. There should be instructions on what you need to do. If not, the seller should help you with any questions you may have.

Components of an Old Trade Show Booth

When purchasing an old or used trade show booth, you may get some parts and accessories in the purchase, just like if you were to purchase a new display. However, in this case, you don't choose what you get because it is an old display.

Many displays come with the following components that you may have to repurpose and rebrand for your own exhibit display: 

  • Retractable banner
  • Banner stand
  • Truss display
  • Tension fabric signs
  • Fabric graphics
  • Booth graphics
  • Hanging sign
  • Other fabric structures

triangle warning sign

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