EZ 12 Truss Displays

Collapsible “no tools” truss display system. Pre-designed kit concepts

000_ez_logoEZ 12 truss displays are an ultimately reconfigurable system. As you increase your display size or change your design, you will typically be able to use all or most of your existing components. This makes EZ 12 an excellent display investment.

  • The 12″ block means the truss can be used across longer spans than most truss.
  • It is designed to fold flat, or collapse,  when packed up, so that it takes up much less space in a shipping case.

When designing with EZ 12 truss displays, you not only create connecting spans between elements but you create panel opportunities. Through good planning, you can make the most of your budget and your display by an efficient and effective use of graphics and solid panels.

10′ x 10′ EZ-12 Truss Systems


10′ x 20′ EZ-12 Truss Systems


 20′ x 20′ EZ-12 Truss Systems