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 Universal trade show lighting fixtures for any trade show display. Halogen or LED. Economical trade show lighting solutions that brighten any exhibit.

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Top Quality trade show lighting solutions for any need, including arm lights, recessed lighting, and track lighting. Guaranteed to highlight all your trade show displays!

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Achieve mood, style and impact with these powerful and attractive LED trade show lighting options. Take your exhibit beyond the competition to a more beautiful and warmly lit environment.

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Trade Show Lighting

Proper trade show lighting is important for any exhibit, no matter how small or how large. Great display booth lighting not only makes your products and graphics more visible, but they can make your whole booth more appealing and give you an advantage over other displays. You only have a couple of seconds to impress potential customers as they pass by your display — make sure you have the best lighting to catch their eye and draw them to your booth!

Attracting Visitors with Display Booth Lighting

Your display may have awesome trade show graphics, great trade show flooring, and stunning furniture, but if the booth does not have strong lighting, potential customers passing by won’t notice the detail you have put into your display. Display booth lighting allows you create a well lit space, even in a dark or dim room. Adding great main and accent lighting creates a more cohesive space and allows you to better highlight your graphics, visuals and best-selling products.

Types of Trade Booth Lighting

All booths need great lighting; but large booths require more lighting and much more detail in order to balance the light throughout the total display. Different types of lighting produce various effects on the trade show booth. Generally, there are three types of trade show lighting options for booth owners to consider:

  • Spotlights – If you want to highlight your product, spotlights with various bulb types and colors are ideal.
  • LampsFor setting a certain mood and creating more intimate trade booth settings, various types of lamps are available.
  • Hanging LightsTo create a unique look and capture the interest of those passing by. Hanging trade show lights provide both adequate trade booth lighting as well as a decorative touch to attract visitors.