Lambda Bright HDL Graphics

The ultimate in trade show graphic image quality and durability
Lifetime Guarantee to never delaminate!

Layout 1Lambda photo prints are the highest quality flexible graphics available. A Lambda print is produced by digital laser exposure of photographic film. The result is a beautiful photo image with brilliant colors, superb skintones, crisp text and an amazingly sharply defined image. All Lambda prints are laminated with an exclusive HDL lamination system which carries a lifetime guarantee against delamination.

Finish options are:
HDL Satin – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; satin surface finish and a clear gloss back.
HDL Matte – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; matte surface finish and a clear gloss back.
HDL Gloss – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; a clear gloss surface finish and clear gloss back.
HDL Black – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; satin or matte surface finish and a black opaque rear laminate.

HDL Lifetime Guarantee:
HDL is a premier laminate in the market. It has a satin or matte surface finish, is scratch and ding-resistant, immune to edge delamination, prevents tunneling and is rollable in either direction. Due to its high quality and durability, the HDL has a Lifetime Guarantee against delamination. Any HDL graphics, which delaminate during normal usage will be replaced at no cost as long as the customer owns the graphic. However, if they have been improperly handled such as creased, folded, etc. the graphics will not be covered by the guarantee.