Trade Show Carpet – Plush Carpeting for your Booth

High Quality Carpet for High End Exhibits!

High-quality trade show carpet, 100% nylon, won’t shed or fuzz. Available in 16 oz, 30 oz, and 50 ounce thicknesses.

  • We offer two “Ready to Go” complete packages, with carpet, pad, and case.
  • We also offer “Just the Carpet”, for exhibitors that prefer to shop “a la carte”. (Scroll down)

advantage to go carpet color choices

Advantage “To Go Package” Color Choices; click to see enlarged view.

Advantage “Ready To Go Packages” (30 oz only), available in two booth space sizes, and in two carpet width sizes, to help reduce shipping costs.
Price includes carpet, cut and squaring. Free ground shipping available to Adv. W/H.
– 10′ x 10′ carpet (either two pieces, 60″ x 120″, or 3 pieces 40″ x 120″): $495.00
– 10′ x 20′ carpet (either four pieces, 60″ x 120″, or 6 pieces 40″ x 120″): $710.00

Carpet bags available, $120 each.



showstar expo carpet colour choices 2016

ShowStar Carpet color choices, please click to see enlarged view.

trade show carpet rolledShowstar Plus Complete
Trade Show Carpet Package

Ground Freight Shipping Included!

Pricing includes 30oz. carpet, 1/2″ 6# padding, carpet bags and ground freight to advance warehouse or warehouse.
Showstar PLUS Complete Pricing, by Carpet Size:

10′ x 10′ $642.00
10′ x 20′ $895.00
10′ x 30′ $1269.00
10′ x 40′ $1699.00
20′ x 20′ $1789.00
20′ x 30′ $2535.00
20′ x 40′ $3399.00
30′ x 30′ $3810.00
30′ x 40′ $5095.00
40′ x 40′ $6795.00
50′ x 50′ $10,415.00

Options & Accessories:

Binding – $5.00 lineal foot
Add Visqueen with slight tack – $59.00 per 48” x 60’ roll



Only Want “The Trade Show Carpet”?

Then order our best trade show carpet, in 10′ wide rolls:


Carpet Weight Choices:
Advantage 16 oz: $2.35 per square foot
Advantage 30 oz: $2.35 per square foot
Advantage Plus 50 oz: $2.55 per square foot
Carpet Cutting & Squaring: $1.25 per lineal foot
Carpet Binding (finished edge): $5.00 per lineal foot
Logo Inlays: $920.00 per logo

Colors sometimes change, or may be out of stock – please call to confirm availability of colors!

Advantage 50 oz carpet colour choices trade show carpet for sale

Advantage 50 oz carpet color choices, click to see enlarged view.

Next Gen 10ft Carpet Color Choices carpets for trade shows

Next Gen 28 oz carpet color choices, click to see enlarged view.


Advantage Carpet Bags
Carpet Size Bag Size Price
10 x 10
10 x 20
10 x 30
12 x 125
14.5 x 125
18.5 x 125
1/2″ – 5′ Wide Rebond Padding
Padding Roll Quantity Price Per Roll
5′ x 40′ (4 lb)
5′ x 40′ (4 lb)
5′ x 40′ (4 lb)
1 – 10
11 – 24



Trade Show Flooring and Carpet Tips

Trade show carpeting is often overlooked, but the reality is that, even in the smallest 10×10 space, that is 100 SF of exposure – don’t waste it!exhibit booth carpets

At the very least, make sure it is neat and comfortable, with a nice looking tradeshow carpet that helps your display look it’s best. And you’d be surprised how much more energy your sales staff will have if you add some carpet padding or padded tiles!

Worthwhile flooring options include rolled carpet, carpet tiles available with carpet and faux wood designs, and eco friendly rollable bamboo. You can also add a logo into the carpet if you like. Top end booths (and budgets) also include raised trade show flooring options, with under-lighting and special graphics.

If you attend more than one or two shows a year, investing in your own trade show carpet will pay for itself. And with a little care, that flooring can last for years – and the care isn’t difficult.

Simple steps include cleaning it before shipping, shipping it carefully, and careful installation at the show.

Tips on Caring for your Trade Show Carpet

Most trade show carpet or flooring will likely arrive at your show or office rolled on a tube – keep that core and use it for shipping and storage; it will help keep the floor taut and smooth, preventing any damage. You can also ship the rolled carpet strapped to a pallet, to prevent damage (especially to the ends) while in transport.

Have you ever had your tradeshow carpet or carpet tiles taped to the floor by show services?

This happens to almost everyone – even those that try to prevent it. It is common to install the carpet yourself, without tape and came back the next day to find that the show management has decided on their own to tape down the outside edge of the carpet.

Many shows insist on doing this, in order to make sure the edge of the trade show carpeting is firmly held to the floor so that no one trips on it.Nemacolin Brulite booth flooring

The common result, for those that haven’t prepared for it, or experienced it, is that when you try to remove the carpet it is VERY easy for that double-sided tape to remove a layer of your carpet backing. It only takes a few times, and your plush carpet is ruined and needs to be replaced.

There is a simple solution; attach a 3-5 inch wide strip of clear tape to the outside edge of every piece of carpet or carpet tile. Permanently. Then the tape on the floor sticks to your tape, not the carpet, and it is simple to then remove the show carpet tape from the tape on your carpet.

Also, make sure the carpet padding doesn’t extend all the way to the end of the carpet; leave about 3 inches, so that there is room to tape down the carpet – if you don’t, the padding will likely get chopped up to create that space for taping, damaging your padding and creating an uneven cut that will be more difficult to work with next time.

Be sure to clean up any spills at the end of the day, or at the end of the show – you won’t want to set up the flooring at your office later. Be sure to bring an approved cleaning solution with you to the show, and you’ll be all set.

Last but not least, supervise the removal of the flooring, and don’t allow workers to rip away the tape carelessly or yank on the interlocking tiles and damage them. See it all packed away correctly, and your trade show carpeting and flooring will last for years, providing an excellent return on your investment.