Add Tradeshow Flooring To Your Exhibit To-Do List

It’s time to get ready for the trade show and you begin to go over your checklist:

tradeshow flooring

Trade Show Carpet

  • Table Top Displays
  • Free Standing Displays
  • Banners
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Spot Lighting
  • Digital Displays
  • Printed Material
  • Overhead Signage

It seems everything is covered. But wait. You just know you have overlooked something. There is no denying that strange feeling that something is missing. You begin a mental picture, arranging all your trade show paraphernalia into an eye-catching display. What is it that is not setting your own space apart from your competitors? Your mind’s eye scans the image from top to bottom.

That’s it! The bottom, or, rather, the floor! You have forgotten to pay special attention to the tradeshow flooring. When preparing for your next trade show don’t forget that the color and texture of trade show flooring that will pull everything else together, making a visual statement that this alone is your space, unique from all of the others.

Tradeshow flooring is more than a roll out rug or mat to wipe your feet on. Custom colors and materials can tie into the theme of your industry or be a practical addition serving a utility purpose.

In addition, those who staff a trade show booth are often standing on their feet for very long hours. By having quality flooring atop what is most likely a concrete floor, booth staffers can enjoy the relief of a bit of comfort. Who knows, such comfort may also inspire attendees to linger longer at your own exhibit.

Flooring Rolls

With eco-friendly always being a positive image where marketing is concerned, flexible bamboo flooring is the “natural” choice. It can be used indoors and out as a durable, waterproof surface. It is available in several natural shade variations and rolls up to seventy feet long and five feet wide. The lightweight material is easy to manage. Coverage adequate for a one hundred feet square space weighs less than 45 pounds and costs less than $300. In fact, the only downside is that it’s not especially soft or comfortable to stand on for long hours.

Another portable tradeshow flooring option is our vinyl FlexFloor. It comes in traditional woodgrain shades of maple, oak and cherry, and this conventional flooring is as stylish as it is durable. Two different widths are available, 60 inches or 40 inches, to accommodate ease with custom fitting for your own exhibit. Classic flooring coverage for one hundred square feet of space  is affordable at less than $850.

Interlocking Tiles

If you are looking for maximum comfort. interlocking carpet tiles are the answer. In addition to the comfort factor is a positive eco-friendly aspect of being made in the United States from 100% recycled material. Two sizes are available making it easier than ever to create an attractive floor in a trade show area that may have an unusual configuration. comfort flex interlocking vinyl trade show tiles

With more than one hundred color choices, there is something for everyone with this particular product. Two different materials give consumers a choice between the plush softness of Comfort Carpet or the springy, shock absorbing comfort of our Comfort Flex high density foam. These two products come with options such as beveling to prevent tripping over the edge and channeling to accommodate electrical cords. Pricing varies according to material, options and tile size but this is, by far, one of the most popular flooring materials used widely in trade shows today.

The Trax series of portable, interlocking tile flooring offers a wide array of vibrant primary colors. Easy to clean with non-slip surfaces, these tradeshow flooring systems are strong enough to park a car or boat on. FloorTrax comes with several different surface options. DiamondTrax has a textured surface similar to a basket weave affect. The Smooth Floortrax option lives up to its name, featuring a smooth tile surface. CoinTrax tiles have a repeated aligned circular pattern on their surface. A stylish trade show floor has never been more affordable.

Make sure to review all of the options available to make sure you make the right choice in trade show flooring and while you are planning, consider using sustainable trade show floors.

Why Buy?

Participating in trade shows is a proven marketing method to increase brand recognition and boost sales. In the long run, it is more cost effective to purchase flooring that can be reused at future shows rather than rent every time. By the time the flooring has been used in just a few shows, it has already paid for itself as compared to renting. Stage half a dozen exhibits and you’ll have doubled your money!

In addition to standard tradeshow flooring options, companies can go custom with printed carpets or vinyl flooring that display a company logo, image, or message. So when planning your next big show and event, don’t forget the foundation that sits beneath your products. The right flooring is dual purpose: aesthetic appeal as well as ergonomic comfort. Enhance your branding message while at the same time pampering the backs and feet of staff and visitors.