BFF Fabric Banner Stands

Our BFF retractable fabric banner stands are an economical, but very high quality solution for businesses looking for great looking fabric trade show banners at an economical price. The retractable banner bases are durable and strong, and come in silver or black finishes. The pull up banners are held up with 3-piece poles; the poles store in the retractable banner base, and the three pieces are connected with bungee cords to conveniently keep them grouped together.

The dye sub fabric banner on the BFF fabric pull up banner stands is a high quality dye sub print that is done in FL. The printing takes only 3 days.

The fabric is the first fabric banner made in the US from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and yields a fantastic print quality and feel.

So how many bottles will your fabric banner stands re-use? It’s actually a very simple mathematical calculation. There are 45 bottles per every kilogram of yarn, which translates into 1 bottle per square foot of One PlanetTM fabric. So each approximately 3ft wide banner recycles 23 bottles!

The BFF fabric banner stands are available in 4 different widths and three heights; you can download the graphic templates here.

L1000 50 W Halogen Light for fabric banner stands

Optional 50w Halogen Light is available to clip on top of the BFF fabric banner stands

Printed Banner Stands – Quick and Easy Promotion Tools

Printed banner stands are the crutches on which physical branding for businesses and organizations has been held up for decades. Banners constitute a large portion of branding material as they are convenient to use and modify on the go as situations dictate.

Banner stands are user-friendly display units which are critical in delivering your message to the targeted audience. They empower the usage of eye-catching graphics and designs, ideal for exhibitions, conferences, retail outlets, and any public building.

A printed fabric banner stand is a staple in many business marketing kits. You should be able to decide which one is best for your needs as you endeavor to promote your brand in the most efficient way available. Today we shall have a look at the different types of banner stands and how they contribute to stimulating your brand.

cafe barrier indoor outdoor banner stand

Unveiling Printed Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stand

They are also known as roll-up or pull up banner stands. They are assembled in such a way that your banner can be rolled back into the base. They are durable and compact.

The set up involves pulling the banner out of the base and securing it to the back pole. They are very portable and easy to erect alone. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are ideal for promoting sales, exhibits, new products, and more.

They are not bulky and will help save space in your business premise and reduces clutter.

More importantly, keeping the vinyl or fabric banner rolled up in the base when it isn't in use keeps it clean and safe.

Tension Fabric Banner Stand

The word tension is applied regarding how they stretch the fabric banner graphics to fully display the print. These stands have frames, usually made of a durable yet light material like aluminum, over which fitting fabric graphics are stretched.

The frames have different shapes and curves that influence the display’s outcome, allowing you to have unique styles that would have otherwise been strenuous.

These fabric banner stands allow you to easily change the graphics while still on display, which comes in handy when you have multiple events or intend to switch the focus of the event from one item to another during an exhibition. All you need to do is swap the image.

Some versions have a double-sided option, and you can change the message by just turning the banner stand on its back to display a separate message. This way, you maximize the use of your space.

Desk Top Banner Stands

These are ideal banner stands if you want to clear your floor space and your banner is relatively small. They are smaller versions of the standing banner stands but can still be eye-catching.

They are used to supplement the larger stands and can be used with banners that give more information about certain products or provide vital contact information.

L and X Banner Stands

These fabric banner stands have been named after the shape of the backing that stretches the banner and holds it in place for proper display. The L banner stand has an L backing, while the X banner features an X-shaped backing that holds the banner at the four corners.

These printed banner stands can be used both indoors and outdoors and are effective in advertising your business.

L-Stand with Monitor MOD-1568c
L-Stand with Monitor Attachment

Telescopic Banner Stand

It is a very versatile printed banner stand because you can adjust the height of the banner using the telescopic joints (cylindrical sections fitting and sliding into each other) to make them longer or shorter so that your banner can fit.

This assembly saves space when they are not being used. It can be used as a single or double-sided display unit. Its steel base and aluminum frame make the banner stand extra durable and also light to carry.

The banners can be mounted on the frame of the banner stand using zip ties once the frame has been assembled. The frame is adjusted to fit the size of the banner, which gives you a margin of flexibility.

Pole Banner Stand

They are made of freestanding and easy to assemble poles on which fabric banners fitted with grommets are clipped. Other versions slip the banners into plastic rails before they are mounted on to the stand or attached with special tape to the poles.

The poles will stretch the fabric, making the design visible, and preventing annoying wrinkles.

Since they can be disassembled and are light in weight, they are easily portable. They also fold up easily and can be ferried in a carry case, which they usually come with.

The Pop-Up or Flexi Printed Banner Stand

The term Flexi is used in reference to the fact that they can be displayed individually as one vertical banner and can also be joined to form a continuous horizontal banner. They offer single and double-sided options and are joined by clicking together various sections into one unit. You can use the multiple horizontal panels to create a media wall for photo ops in your booth. The same is applicable when interviewing industry experts and happy customers during events, shows, and exhibitions.

Double-Sided Banner Stand

This refers to a printed banner stand that can enable you to mount banners on two sides. These can be designed using vinyl or fabric banners. The application of this can be two-fold. It can have the same content viewed from the front and back to ensure the message is passed to all. The content can also be different so that more information is captured, and it can be turned intermittently depending on what needs to be displayed at the time.

These classifications of banner stands are not mutually exclusive, and it is not uncommon to find stands that fall in more than one category. The double sided BFF fabric banners are a good example of this, as they are both retractable and double-sided.

These names should be used mostly as a guideline to enable decision making. They all have unique advantages, and it is upon you to make the best decision for the organization based on what it needs and the available resources.

Common Considerations When Procuring Banner Stands

Ease of Assembly

At any particular moment, the goal is to spend less time setting up and more time engaging the customers and prospects. The easier it is to set up, the faster the process will be, and the sooner you will be free to make meaningful contact. The retractable banner stand is an example of a swift assembly stand that can be done within a minute by one person.


The appropriate banner stand will depend on the scale tips between your schedule and how conspicuous you want the presentation. A small presentation with multiple venues requires a compact banner stand that can be packed, moved, and reassembled with ease.

A trade show that goes on for a few days, on the other hand, gives you the time and liberty to pull out all the guns. In such cases, you will bring all the banner stands required to make your booth stand out.

The Size of the Banner

Telescopic and Flexi banner stands are adjustable, which allows them to accommodate a wider spectrum of sizes when it comes to banner sizes. They are not infinitely adjustable, though, and there will always be that banner that is too large or too small for your banner stand. It is good practice to have the size of the banner in mind as you shop for the perfect printed banner stand.

Where the Banner is Being Displayed

Occasionally, the location will determine your appropriate banner stand. You don’t need a double-sided banner stand if the banner is against a wall since only one side can be seen. A desktop banner stand is also automatically smaller than a regular banner stand.

Vinyl Banners or Fabric Banners?

Vinyl is less expensive, and a little stronger than fabric banners. Vinyl also yields a good contrast for colors; fabric banners have woven fabric, so the print and images is a little smoothed out and less precise, due to the threads. However, in general, fabric banners tend to provide an overall higher quality look, compared to vinyl banners. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you may want to look for yourself and decide this on your own.


A printed banner stand display comes with some perks that should not be taken for granted as they make the user experience better. This includes a carry bag and shipping bags, which make moving easier and protect the stand from damage.

It can be lighting options; a number of double-sided banner stands are backlit. Some single-sided printed banner stands have also embraced this, like the BFF fabric banner stands, which offer a 50W Halogen banner stand light.

The banner display is here to stay, and every organization will find a reason to use them at some point. They remain one of your highly influential branding and promotional tools. Most of the hardware can be used with either vinyl or fabric banners; fabric banners are typically more expensive, but also provide better quality prints. 

The challenge is to master the application to get the maximum reach possible from the invested resources. As noted above, there are lots of options for printed banner stands; please take advantage of one of our experts if you have any questions about hardware or graphics.