Feng Shui and Trade Show Exhibits

Have you wondered about the ancient Chinese practice referred to as Feng Shui, and how it might benefit you with your next trade show participation, or in other areas of your life?  What exactly is Feng Shui anyway?  In brief, Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement, which means that placing certain objects strategically in certain areas (based on compass direction) can help you to attract positive energy (Chi).  Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has been a part of the Chinese culture for many centuries, and if done correctly, really does work.another hybrid modular with ipad counters

Note that Feng Shui is not just for the home, this practice can be used in your business, for your trade shows, and specifically, in your trade show booth design as well.  The downside of  Feng Shui is that if it is done incorrectly, the results will be quite unfavorable. There are various ways to practice Feng Shui, but you can’t learn it overnight. So if you’re not familiar with the concepts, and you are considering using Feng Shui for your trade show display or booth, it would be wise to consult a specialist before attempting to do so.

However, if you are familiar enough with Feng Shui concepts, a few significant ways that you can implement Feng Shui for your trade show booth and display are as follows:

  • Keep the booth clutter free. Clutter prevents the energy flow.  Energy needs to flow freely; otherwise it becomes stagnant and stale.  Stagnant and stale energy is negative energy.
  • Keep the entrance to your booth unrestricted.  The positive vibes and chi flowing through the show venue needs to be able to flow easily into, and around your booth.
  • You should also use certain vibrant colors in and around the booth and for your trade show display.  In Feng Shui, certain colors represent different things.  The color green for instance represents growth and money.  The color red represents fame (It is not by coincidence that the carpet that the entertainers walk on when they are attending a big event is red).  The color purple represents abundance.  The color blue is said to have a calming effect on people, and it indicates that your company is stable.
  • The energy in and around your trade show booth should be designed to be balanced, comfortable, and inviting, not only for your staff, but for the show attendees as well.  Place furniture and materials in different areas of the booth and be sure not to cram everything together in one area.  Again, the energy needs to be able to flow freely.20x50 rental for aapex lv-resized-600

Another important point to remember about Feng Shui, no pun intended, is to be aware of poisoned arrows. What’s a poisoned arrow, you ask?  No, it’s not an arrowhead that has been dipped in poison. In Feng Shui, a poisoned arrow is any object, furniture or otherwise, with a sharp, protruding corner/edge, or something sharp  pointing at whoever is entering your booth.  A poison arrow also can be anything that is blocking the entrance of your booth.  Blocking the entrance to your booth in any way is very bad Feng Shui.  Surely this might sound a bit far fetched for some of you, but again, if done correctly, Feng Shui does work, and it can work for your next trade show booth design.

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