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Vector Frame Fabric Light Boxes

The Backlit Vector Frame fabric light boxes feature durable 4" thick aluminum extrusion frames, push-fit SEG back-lit fabric graphics and LED edge lighting.

Vector Frame fabric light boxes add illuminated, easy-to-read messaging to retail, trade show and event environments. These fabric light boxes are quick and easy to use, as well as being very durable.

Features and Benefits of our VF Fabric Lightbox:

  • LED lights come adhered to the fabric light box frame, making set-up simple - watch the Video and see!
  • All Velcro Fabric Lightboxes assemble without any tools
  • All Backlit Vector Frame Fabric Light Boxes come with a life time warranty.
  • They all ship in 4 days from IL or NV.
  • Prices range from $1000 to $4000, depending on size of frame, and single or double sided graphics.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Silicone Edge Graphic, or SEG, for quick and easy graphic installation and replacement
  • Personalized, vivid, high quality dye sublimation printing
  • Need Color Matching? We will guarantee color matching if you specify the color(s) or provide printed colors for matching.
  • Reflective fabric back panel concentrates illumination towards your message
  • LED backlighting  attracts attention to your message
  • Sturdy aluminum frame is thin for stylish frameless look
  • Versatile messaging opportunities
  • Affordable replacement graphics available

Backlit Fabric Light Box Displays

American Image Displays offers many different styles and models of backlit LED lightboxes and fabric light box displays. The main differences in the different models usually involves the type of frame used on the backlit lightbox and/or the substrate that is printed. 

Frames for backlit displays and lightboxes include popup accordion frames, aluminum tube frames, and metal frames made with extruded aluminum, like the Vector Frame Lightboxes displayed at the top of this page. 

These extrusion frames come in different thicknesses, sizes, and weights, and also offer different kinds of assembly capabilities. For example, many of the extrusion-framed led lightboxes have a clip or bolt that is used to connect the extrusion. One of the models (the Pliko backlit lightbox), has folding extrusions that then slip together, to facilitate tool-less, speedy assembly. 

Backlit fabric is printed with a dye sub print process. Most often, the fabric graphic has a silicone strip on it (SEG) and this strip pushes into a groove on the frame to attach the graphic to the frame. These SEG fabric graphics can be machine washed if they become soiled, and can be removed, switched out, and stored easily.

The fabric light box displays are ideal for high traffic areas like stores, shopping centers,  lobbies in business offices, hospitals, schools, etc. The backlighting helps you attract the interest of the passer-by, and allows you to provide valuable information related to upcoming events, new product capabilities, and corporate branding.

The Vector Frame fabric lightboxes can be built to be stand-alone floor models. There are also some smaller ones designed to be backlit table top displays. And of course, there are models designed to attach to walls, much like hanging a picture or photograph on your wall. The range of available sizes allows you to make sure your message is highly visible, creating the perfect brand messaging opportunity. 

The Vector Frame backlit graphic lightboxes assemble very easily, and the graphics are even easier to replace as needed.

Brighten up any room or trade show booth with a colorful custom image or artwork - these can be used in airports, offices and lobbies and trade show booths, and even your living room. All you need is a power outlet to plug in to and your fabric LED lightbox.

We can print replacement graphics in 3-4 business days, and the graphics are simple to swap out, helping to maximize the value of your investment.