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Display Table, Table Cover, & Table Top Display Options

For smaller trade shows, and for millions of Chamber of Commerce events across the country, many businesses need to use a display table or booth table to promote their products and services. Often, that small space is all you get. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a GREAT first impression!

Use a Display Table or Booth Table with a Printed Table Cover and a Great Looking Table Top Display

Underneath your table top trade show displays, normally, is a display table covered by a wrinkled table cloth provided by the show management. There’s no reason to leave that plain black un-printed cloth there!

Instead, printed trade show table covers can help you make a bigger and more professional impression on your clients. While some people may not think details matter, they do. Customers take notice of every detail when visiting trade shows, and a booth table that is standing out in a professional way is the only sure way to make that first impression a good one.

There are some reliable, basic trade show tabletop displays and table throws that are simple to use, easy to carry around, and very reliable. These units are designed to fit your budget and provide economical starting places for new businesses. There are also some very creative trade show table top displays that are truly amazing, that help give color, style, and make you standout even in that very small display space. While all of them give a specific shape or idea, they can be customized to help bring your own logo, branding, and personality to each one.

If price and ease of travel is important, check out the table top travel kits – they include table covers, displays, lit holders, and more!

Table cover print methods include screen prints, dye sub prints, vinyl heat transfers, and combinations of those methods.

A display table can be covered with simple banners, accordion style popups, and high tech curved shapes – be sure to check out the possibilities. If the show doesn’t provide that booth table, we have those too – so give us a call if you have any questions.