Blade Triangle & Quad-Shaped Digital Media Displays

Now the very popular Blade media player can be configured with 3-sides or 4-sides, allowing a 360 degree advertising solution. This has proven very popular for not only trade shows, but also shopping malls, airports, and large corporate lobbies. The other sides can be Blade displays, or just graphics, or even shelves for product displays.

This great marketing tool even allows you to work around posts and pillars at your show or event, and really take advantage of that space! (If you don’t have a pillar in your way, you can use the interior space for storage instead.)

For Quad Blades multiply price by 4; For Triangle Blade multiply price by 3.

Blades are available in two different colors (White and Black). Note – Black is out of stock currently.


Available Blade Video Display Accessories

Available Blade Video Display Accessories

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