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June 2023 - Product is discontinued. 


In this article, we’re talking about a powerful idea for your next trade show – the animation light box. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with this LED light product, but you have probably seen it in action. It’s a powerful display tool which generates a bright, vibrant “moving image”, meant to draw the eye to your exhibit booth.

We’ll explain how these animation light boxes work, and why they might be exactly the thing you need for your next trade show.

What are Animation Light Boxes?

Flow-Motion is a dynamic LED animation light box with custom fabric graphics, perfect for any trade show or retail environment. Utilizing programmable pixel lighting in a portable ladder light style array, animated motion is created behind static dye-sublimation SEG graphics, capturing the attention of your customers.

The end result is a standing display which resembles a “moving picture”. Essentially, it’s a picture that is enhanced with backlighting to give it a dynamic look and feel. Think of it like a “2D animation”, that you can use as a virtual billboard. Check out the attached video to see it in action.

The obvious appeal is that these dynamic light displays draw the eye better than a traditional sign. At a trade show, you’ll do anything you can to draw more attention to your booth, and these animation light boxes are the perfect solution. You can customize the design to prominently display your marketing message, and they are flashy enough to stand out from the crowd.

How it works:

In this section, we’ll run you through the technical engineering behind these dynamic light boxes. It’s a little complicated to understand the full complexities behind these animation light boxes, but they essentially work as follows:

A portable array of pixel ladder lights are hung inside a durable aluminum SEG frame and covered by a (static) dye sub printed full color fabric graphic. The pixel lights are controlled via an integrated controller which is programmed by inserting a SD card with the desired animation program in the controller. The LED lightboxes are programmed to illuminate the graphic in special ways, which add to the aesthetic of your sign, and also draw the eye.

Once assembled, everything is plug and play, allowing for an easy change of LED animations. The SEG graphics are also easily swapped out, making the change in branding or product promotions economical.

Trade Show Light Box Ideas

If you think these animation light boxes sound neat, but struggle to conceive how they would benefit you, then this section is for you. This section is to inspire creativity, and outline how these boxes can help you to step up your next trade show display.

Virtual Billboard: The first, and perhaps most obvious, way to utilize Flow-Motion is as a “virtual billboard”. These are great displays to use as a promotional stand which advertises your brand or your marketing message. It doesn’t have to be anything too unique, and sometimes the simpler the better!

Many exhibitors use dynamic light boxes to list their company name and slogan, or showcase an attractive picture of a new product offering.

Social Media Promotion: These animation light boxes are great ways to promote your social media accounts. Social media is a great way to interact with any potential customers during the show, by keeping them updated with what’s happening at your booth. It’s also a great way to stay connected after the show. Getting people to follow you on social media gives you more chances to convert them into customers going forward.

This is why many utilize dynamic displays to prominently display their social media handles, and let customers know where to find them online. This is probably the best way to stay engaged with customers after the show has ended.

Do More With Less: Trade shows are all about optimizing space. You want to maximize your “noticeability”, while also keeping your marketing message relatively simple. You also want to leave room in your booth for customers to come inside and look around.

Animation light boxes are great for this purpose because they make a big impact without occupying too much real estate. They are highly noticeable, yet presented a simple marketing message. You can tailor them to your own event marketing strategy, and the illumination will make your message stand out. It’s a great way to add some flash in a small space, while keeping a simple, direct message that can easily communicate the benefits of your product or service.

Try it Out Today!

Hopefully we’ve sold you on the benefits of these dynamic light displays. They can be a great opportunity for just about any exhibitor. Below, we’ve included some frequently asked questions. For any more info, contact us here to find out how to get started.


  • What will production time be? 4-6 weeks. No rush orders available at this time.
  • Can it be double sided? No
  • What sizes will you have available? Five sizes are available, all of them available as either free-standing or wall-hanging.
  • How many people does it take to set up? Two people.
  • Can it be managed wireless? Not at this time.
  • Can the frame be powder coated? Yes, add an additional 2 weeks production time.
  • Can you use magnet accessories? Not at this time.
  • Can this be used as a ceiling-hanging unit? No.
  • What is the cost of the animation light boxes software program? It's included in the cost of the first unit.
  • What is the reprogramming cost? Typically takes 4-8 hours at $125 an hour.

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