Xpressions SNAP 1×3

The xpressions SNAP 1x3 Frame can be configured in 18 different combinations of skins, as shown below. (There may be more possibilities too!)

The stretchy graphic skin is available in its normal material, a SHEER material (same price), and a RECYCLED material (slightly higher price).

Xpressions Xsnap 1×3 kit prices include the 1×3 frames, the printed skins as shown in the templates, and a soft carry bag.

Xpressions Accessories prices are shown separately.

Click HERE to review the Eco-Friendly GREEN options for the Xpressions Displays.

Click HERE to look at a list of all possible Xpressions Skin Shapes.

Click HERE to download Xpressions Fire Retardant Documentation

Go to bottom of this page for replacement skin prices.

Open Frame Dimensions = 32.25”w x 94”h x 12.75”d

Closed Frame Dimensions = 3.5”w x 7”L x 33.75”h

Frame Weight = 5.5 lbs.


XS1X3A - $835


XS1X3B - $1063


XS1X3C - $835


XS1X3D - $810


XS1X3E - $810


XS1X3G - $956


XS1X3H - $810