NEW! Xpressions CONNEX

Modular SNAP Display Kits with a new look!

xpressions-authorized-aidXpressions CONNEX transforms the Xpressions SNAP popup into an exciting modular display system perfect for trade show or event environments. Taking a step futher from the portable Xpressions Express kits with their shelf clips, the CONNEX can angle your frames to exciting shapes. This simple clip on the hub, and the addition of new trapezoind and square shelf units, is the secret to unlocking your creativity in exhibit design.

Connecting the frames at different angles or in straight lines adds yet another dimension to the Xpressions SNAP family of displays. Dynamic connecting skins are used in combination with square, trapezoid or rectangular connecting shelves to create unique inline spaces, concave and convex configurations. You can even create octagon islands!

Xpressions CONNEX Inline 10×10 Kits:




Xpressions CONNEX Inline 10×20 Kits:






Xpressions CONNEX Island 20×20 Kits:



Graphic Skins A La Carte Pricing:

Skin Price Skin Price
1×1 SNAP $164.00 1×3 SNAP $419.00
1×1 Rect $80.00 1×2 Rect $160.00
1×3 Rect $240.00 1×1 HG $164.00
1×2 HG $300.00 1×3 HG $419.00
1×1 Wide $164.00 1×2 Wide $180.00
1×3 Wide $419.00

1×3 CONNEX FramePricing:

Frame Price
1×3 $395.00


xpresslight50w Watt Halogen Light$99.00 ea.
Available in Silver or Black.

Light Bag $50.00 ea.
Holds two 50w halogen lights.

Rectangle CONNEX Shelf $140.00 ea.
Square CONNEX Shelf $75.00 ea.
Trapezoid CONNEX Shelf $75.00 ea.

SNAP Shipping Case $250.00
Dims: 13″ x 13″ x 35″. / Weight: 13 lbs.

Fabric Steamer $95.00
Easilly steam away any wrinkles from shipping/storage.


 IMPORTANT: Click here for guidelines on preparing your Xpressions SNAP artwork files