Xpressions Snap 3×3 Kits

Xpressions 3x3 display kits all use the same frame, but achieve different looks due to using different combinations of different sized skin graphics.

The stretchy graphic skin is available in its normal material, a SHEER material (same price), and a RECYCLED material (slightly higher price).

Click HERE to review the eco-friendly Green options for Xpressions Skins.

Click HERE to look at a list of all possible Xpressions Skin Shapes.

Click HERE to download Xpressions Fire Retardant Documentation

Open Frame Dimensions = 93.5"w x 94"h x 12.75"d

Closed Frame Dimensions = 7"w x 7"L x 33.75"h

Frame Weight = 13lbs.

Fabric Options

- Standard (Default Option)
Smooth textured stretch material that completes the 3D effect that Xpressions SNAP frame configurations are famous for.

- Recycled (Request Required)
88% recycled content fabric with our select water based printing process for vivid colorful graphics.

- Sheer (Request Required)
You can create depth and imagery to make a strong style statement or a fresh new look to an existing display.

The Xpressions SNAP Trade Show Display takes trade show displays and graphics to a whole new level. Take a quick look – what’s not to like?

  • The self-locking frames make it even easier to set up your display in just seconds.
  • The Xpressions SNAP frame provides you with more display options and exciting configurations than almost any other display tool – we have over 100 different Xpressions Snap configurations shown on our website.


  • Xpressions Snap graphic skins can be swapped out in seconds, so you can highlight different products for different clients, right in the middle of your presentation!
  • The Xpressions SNAP now offers a built-in light box! The light boxes are only 1 lb, and can be used in any or all of the quads in the frame.
The Xpressions SNAP is the future of tension fabric displays, today. Don’t be fooled by low quality imitations! The Xpressions SNAP is the original, 3d tension fabric exhibit and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame!