X Banner Stand – The Pros and Cons

The timeless banner stand has proven itself to be one of the most effective marketing tools we have, drawing in the customer’s attention and showcasing everything our brand has to offer.

The X banner stand is one of the most popular iterations of these displays and they offer loads of benefits to the user, but also some downsides to be aware of.

What are the pros and cons of X banner stands? Among some of the benefits are their price, versatility, and flexibility, making them good for ever-changing campaigns.

However, the downsides of these banner stands are that they can sometimes feel flimsy and they’re not always ideal for outside marketing use.

There’s no one size fits all banner stand that works for every brand or event, so considering each of the common styles is the best approach to take.

This guide will look at the best and worst points of the X banner stand so you can see whether it’s a good fit for your future marketing needs.

What is an X Banner Stand?

What is an X Banner Stand?

If you’ve ever visited a trade show or convention and noticed all of the marketing banners on display, you likely didn’t realize just how many types there are.

The X banner stand is one of the more popular forms, given that name because of the X-shaped frame at the back of the display which holds it upright.

The X banner stand is sometimes called a pop-up, spring back, or portable stand, all relating to how it’s assembled.

Unlike other banner stands, there’s no retractable mechanism on an X banner stand, so the entire thing is assembled disassembled by popping the X-shaped frame into place.

These stands also feature no base, relying instead on their legs and the banner itself to keep them upright. This is unlike other types of banners that have a weighted bottom or flat base, so it uses only the frame as its structural support.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons

There are lots of types of banner stands available and each of them is designed to suit specific businesses and uses.

If you’re looking at X banner stands as part of your marketing campaign, these are the pros and cons that you need to consider.


They’re Better Quality

As soon as you get the X banner stand out from its carry case, you can feel how much better the quality is. The strength of the frame is evident and because it’s designed to easily fold down and up, it can’t be made of cheap and flimsy materials.

Better still, there are no mechanical and moving parts that can become damaged, so they’re bound to last for longer.

They Suit Changing Campaigns

The biggest drawcard to the X banner stand style is that it can easily have its display replaced so you don’t have to commit to a single design or picture.

Whether you run revolving campaigns or just like the option to switch the display out occasionally, it’s as easy as attaching the new piece of material onto the X frame.

They Meet The Usual Specifications

As long as you’re buying from a reputable distributor, an X banner stand is made to suit the size and shape requirements of trade shows and conferences, and also to be displayed inside of a retail store.

You can carry them easily and set them up as you go, making them ideal for businesses that do a lot of portable marketing or have to work in many different locations.

They’re More Stable

The X banner stand will do a great job of displaying whatever design or content you want it to, and keeping it in a steady position.

Although a seemingly small feat, this matters when you’re trying to share a message or market something to customers and passersby.

While the base itself is known for being flimsy, the messaging will remain strong and presented beautifully.


They Can’t Be Used Outside

There’s nothing stopping you from placing your new X banner stand outside of your retail store if you want to draw in customers, but don’t expect it to last very long.

The nature of these stands means they’re not always weather resistant and their lightweight stance and no base means they can fly away with ease.

Furthermore, the metal or aluminum used to make the frame might be considered a lightning conductor, so caution should be taken.

They Take Work To Assemble

The premise behind an X banner stand or pop-up banner stand is that they’re easy to assemble, but this isn’t always the case.

If you’re working by yourself and hoping to pop up the banner stand, you may need to call out for help otherwise it can be difficult to do.

Changing over the display is usually a two-person job as well, so be prepared for the challenge. As the graphic is being handled more, you might find that it’s quicker to become damaged than with other types of banner stands.

They Can Feel Flimsy

As a lighter option for banner stands, the X model can feel flimsy. This means they might be more susceptible to being knocked over by visitors to your stall or that the slightest gush of wind can blow them down.

Although they’re made with stronger materials, this flimsy feeling might be a turn-off to some, especially considering their price.

They’re Expensive

The mechanisms used to make the supportive X frame and allow them to pop up instantly means these types of banner stands are more expensive.

There are ways to save money when you purchase them, like using a cheaper material for the display, but when comparing other types of banner stands, the X is one of the costliest.

Furthermore, you can only display a single side of content, so you’ll need to buy more banner stands if you want to showcase other designs.

Best Uses for X Banner Stands

Best Uses for X Banner Stands

As one of the more versatile marketing displays out there, an X banner stand can be used in many applications.

Because they can have their banner easily changed for new promotions or deals, or keep the same banner for some time, there’s no end to how you can display them.

X banner stands are commonly found in settings like trade shows, retail stores, conventions, and more. Their lightweight feel and lack of base mean they’re less common for outdoor marketing, so they’re better suited to any indoor setting where you might want to advertise or promote.

However, because they travel easily and are set up in mere seconds, they make a smart choice for most indoor events.

How Long Do They Last?

How Long Do They Last?

The cost of a banner stand can be excessive compared to other marketing strategies and if you plan on using it for years to come, you want to make sure it’ll last.

These are the factors that can possibly the lifespan of your X banner stand:

  • Materials: Banner stands made of cheaper materials like plastic and polypropylene have an average lifespan of two to three years compared to something more durable like PVC which can last more than five years. The materials used for the frame and other mechanisms can also impact its longevity.
  • Quality of craftsmanship: Not all banner stands are made equally and you’ll usually get what you pay for with these types of displays. There’s no need to buy the most expensive banner stands and displays possible, but choosing something mid-range will ensure it lasts a lot longer.
  • Average use: Think about how you plan on using the X banner stand and whether it’ll be touched by people, exposed to weather, spend long periods away in storage, or experience any other factors that might make it age prematurely. If you plan on using the banner stand outdoors, buying materials that are designed for these conditions is a must.
  • Care and maintenance: All banner stands need regular maintenance and cleaning to be kept in good condition, including X banner stands. Follow the directions that come with the stand and material banner so that they continue to look like new for years to come.

Finding the X-Factor

There are plenty of good reasons why the X banner stand continues to be a fan favorite when it comes to marketing, but they may not be right for your brand.

Consider their best and worst points and see how these will fit with your marketing plans before jumping on the X banner bandwagon.