Why Purchase Tradeshow Table Covers from Vistaprint?

Catching the eye of potential customers at a trade show starts with great branding, including a superior table cover. Showcasing your product or service at a trade show is an important marketing technique for new customers or clients. The presentation of these tabletop covers will help showcase a company or product positively, which will draw in those who are meandering around the show tables.

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Trade shows are on the rise and continue to thrive for increases in sales and information exchanging. This research supports the idea of why it is essential to have an above-average appearance when setting up a tradeshow booth.

American Image Displays and Vistaprint both provide trade show table covers that will enhance any table display. Vistaprint has tradeshow covers that will fit most table needs but the options are limited with a higher cost than others. At American Image Displays, we provide wrinkle-free covers made with higher quality printing techniques for all of their products while maintaining lower customer costs. 

Higher Quality Prints

American Image Displays utilizes printing techniques that accomplish a superior quality in our products. Dye-sub printing is the most commonly used style by American Image Displays, which allows for endless options regarding the size and type of table cloth. A vinyl heat transfer process or permalogo is also available in which a vinyl logo can be cut and printed via computer onto any table cloth. This process is unique and not offered for the trade show covers from Vistaprint.

The permalogo process provides a lasting image on the trade show cover fabric because it permanently adheres to the cloth. It will not peel or crack, which means you will have a quality product that is usable for a long time.  

Non-Wrinkling Table Cloths

The trade show tablecloths from American Image Displays mostly utilize 100% twill polyester as their chosen material. The material is woven explicitly in a diagonal weave, which provides a thicker composition that is not prone to wrinkle if handled correctly. 

The trade show covers from Vistaprint have the option to get wrinkle-free but are not always standard, which makes our table cloths a much more appealing choice for your next show display.

Why Wrinkle-Free is Important

Appearance is everything when presenting your product or company at a tradeshow. Your appearance must match your image as a business when being the spokesperson at your booth. Having wrinkles in the fabric may not seem like a big deal, but a sloppy appearance will not be appealing to the customers.

Keeping these tablecloths from wrinkling is very simple if maintained correctly. It is recommended the table cloths be machine washed on a gentle setting, and then laid out to dry or done on low heat while tumbling. When putting away for later use, roll the fabric lengthwise with the logo facing inward, and store in a soft case while in a dry location. These simple steps will maximize the longevity of your show table cover for years to come.

Table Cloth Styles

American Image Displays provides customers with many styles of table covers that will fit any style table.

  • Fitted
  • Loose fit or "Draped."
  • Stretch with zipper
  • Stretch with open back
  • Round fitted
  • Round draped
  • Table runner

Having these many different choices allows the customer to get a high-quality printed table cloth for all occasions. 

These options are not available with the trade show covers from Vistaprint as the customer can only purchase rectangular style covers.

Lower Costs

American Image Displays offers many quality products and considers the cost to the customer as an essential factor. One of the previously mentioned options of heat transferred logos is how the customer can save on their purchase and is a cheaper option that is not always available with other companies.

Another great cost-savings option provided by American Image Displays is one of our many table runners instead of a full show table cloth. These runners can have all the printable options for about half the price. Runners are a great option to have your company logo "pop" while being conscious of the overall cost. 

These runners come in 4 different widths and two separate lengths while the trade show covers from Vistaprint do not offer length options.

A full color 4 ft draped table throw cover from American Image Displays is priced at $160.00, while Vistaprint's similar product will cost approximately $245.00. This drastic cost savings allows the customer to spend in other areas when promoting their work in the tradeshow atmosphere.

Selection Process Made Easy

American Image Displays has lots of branded table throw options to choose from, but we make this process quite simple when you visit our website. We also provide clients with helpful ideas in what they should be looking for when choosing their design.

  • Letter size is crucial because you want the customer to see your display clearly from a distance. You do not just like the client to recognize your words; instead, you will want them to be intrigued to read them and clearly understand them.
  • High-resolution pictures or files with an appropriate background color will make the appearance more expressive for the clients. A blurry image isn't appealing to anyone's eyes, but a crisp picture that jumps out at someone will quickly grab their attention.
  • Keep the design simple and avoid clutter so that it can be quickly read and understood. A simple easy to read booth set-up can easily be understood by the client and allow them to make a quick decision to visit your booth or not.

Having these useful tips at your fingertips is another reason why American Image Displays is an excellent choice for outfitting your next showcase.

Presentation is Important - So Why Purchase Tradeshow Table Covers from Vistaprint?

There are many advantages to purchasing a durable trade show cover for your table display. Having many quality options at an affordable price is a significant factor to consider when purchasing one of these products. At America Image Displays, quality and appearance is fundamental - we don't want to offer lower quality displays or graphics. A flat, wrinkle-free printed table cover or other presentation will make an eye-catching appearance that will undoubtedly attract your future customers at any trade show.