Trade Shows are not Events!

We occasionally need to remind clients that, as crazy as it seems, trade shows are NOT events! Sounds strange, heh?

Trade shows are NOT events! Sounds strange, heh? Share on X

What I mean by that is, as a marketing tool, trade shows are not stand-alone events. Just standing around drinking coffee in front of your new trade show displays does not guarantee sales!

In order to be successful, trade shows need to be preceded by planning, goal setting, budgeting, training, & advertising.

During the trade show the marketing needs to continue, as your properly trained trade show booth personnel interact with the trade show attendees and gather their contact shows are not events - if you don't take care of your customers someone else will

Immediately after the trade show, a planned series of follow up interactions with all of the attendees needs to take place – if you don’t nourish these leads, they will wither on the vine.

And if you want to prove that the trade show was successful, you need to evaluate the trade show ROI and accumulate some statistics – how many leads, how many sale conversions, cost per lead and sale, etc.

Hopefully that makes more sense now – our niche at American Image Displays is providing attractive, portable, budget-conscious displays for our clients.

However, if no one comes to see the new trade show displays – or, even worse, lots of people come see the trade show displays but no follow-up happens – then your investment would have been better used hiring a new marketing manager!

There are lots more tips and tricks for planning for success with your new trade show displays, listed on our website – please check them out and make your next trade show a smashing success!

If you’re looking for help selecting a trade show booth or accessory, try our free personal shopper service. As an independent dealer, we design and sell almost every style and type of tradeshow display, from small portable “pop-ups” and banner stands to large custom displays and islands. We don’t sell anything we haven’t seen and tried out ourselves – no “schlock”!

And if you’re planning for a Seattle trade show, please Contact Us or call us 1(800) 676-3976!

For more, check out our tricks for trade shows and how to take advantage of what attendees are feeling.

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