EZ6 Pasadena

Pasadena BASIC: $3,022

10′ x 10′ EZ 6 truss display package. Includes truss equipment, 3 lights, and 2 cases. (est. weight 240 pounds)

Pasadena AS SHOWN: $5,798
Includes basic package plus 3 printed dye sublimation printed fabric graphics with mounting clips, 1 workstation with LCD mount, 1 designer counter and graphic.

Truss color choices" (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)

Laminate color ( if ordering laptop shelves, laminate shelves, or a counter): (Black, Grey Nebula or Woodgrain)

Metal Shelf color (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)

Slatwall color (Wrinkle black, Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)

Velcro compatible fabric used in slatwall base panel or counter base): Blue, Silver, Black , Other

Optional Accessories:

50w Light: $70.00 ea.

Laptop Shelf: $120.00 ea.

Plasma Mount: $350.00 ea.

Literature Shelf: $35.00 ea.

LCD Mount: $150.00 ea.

Freestanding Counter: $900.00 ea.

NOTE: items such as slatwall, counters, lambda graphics and plasma mounts typically require additional cases.

EZ6 Pasadena 10x10 truss display
Pasadena Truss Display Exploded View
Pasadena top view
Pasadena Graphics View

Standard graphic sizes:

Panel A: 115” x 11.5” panel size, chisel point ends.

Panel B: 82” x 75.75” panel size, 80.5” x 74.25” viewable graphic size.

Panel C: 80.5” x 11.5” panel size, 80.5” x 11.5” viewable graphic size.

Standard graphic sizes on optional accessories:

Panel D: 14” x 14” panel size, 14” x 14” viewable graphic size.

Panel E: 21” x 38” panel size, 21” x 38” viewable graphic size.

Panel F: 24.5” x 24” panel size, 24.5” x 24” viewable graphic size.