Lambda Duratrans Backlit Graphics

Unmatched quality with superb backlighting effects
Lifetime Guarantee to never delaminate!

What is a duratrans, or a lambda duratrans? According to Wikipedia, the term “duratrans” was developed and trademarked by Kodak in the 1970’s, as a name for their newly developed large-format backlit color transparency film.

The process involves photographically exposing the duratrans film and then developing it chemically. It is famous for the very high photographic quality of the color film and its suitability for being backlit.

A duratrans light box can be used in many different applications in trade show exhibit halls, as well as movie theaters, museums, shopping malls, and more.

Printer for producing lambda duratrans graphic film prints.

Printer for producing lambda duratrans film prints.

A lambda duratrans is produced by digital laser exposure to photographic film. Print options for Lambda’s include what we call Lambda Bright, Lambda Duratrans, Lambda Duraflex and Lambda Metallic. The lambda duratans is the printed film; brights, duraflex, and metallics are finishing options for the duratrans film.

A Duratrans looks like a flexible plastic based print material and is used for backlit images. Consider the Lambda Duratrans for any light box or back-lighting opportunity.

The Lambda Duratrans is available with or without the HDL laminate. Duratrans films can be used in any light box that illuminates the graphic from behind, and can be printed up to 48” wide at practically unlimited lengths. Duratrans transparencies can be customized to fit your project’s needs, whether large or small. 

Our duratrans and lambda duratrans back-lit films are a premium, high quality media specifically designed to maximize your image performance. The front-printed transparency film has an ultra absorbent coating that is designed to produce the best black density and color vibrancy.

The ink absorption capabilities for the lambda duratrans film media offer a color saturated visual experience that is incredibly vibrant.

Lambda Duratrans Graphic on trade show pop up display

Lambda Duratrans backlit graphic on trade show pop up display

If you’re looking for an alternative to using lambda duratrans for your backlit graphic displays, we also offer backlit graphics using dye sub tension fabric printing – check that option out especially if your requirement needs to be lightweight and portable.

Duratrans Laminate finish options are:

  • HDL Satin – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; satin surface finish and a clear gloss back.
    HDL Matte – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; matte surface finish and a clear gloss back.
    HDL Gloss – Durable thermal laminate sandwich; a clear gloss surface finish and clear gloss back.

HDL Lifetime Guarantee:

HDL is a premier laminate in the market. It has a satin or matte surface finish, is scratch and ding-resistant, immune to edge de-lamination, prevents tunneling and is rollable in either direction.

Due to its high quality and durability, the HDL has a Lifetime Guarantee against de-lamination. Any Duratrans HDL graphics, which de-laminate during normal usage will be replaced at no cost as long as the customer owns the graphic.

However, if they have been improperly handled such as creased, folded, etc. the graphics will not be covered by the guarantee.

Duratrans Mounting Options

One of the more well-known areas where we typically see backlit film is in a movie theater. The posters they use to advertise their films are often duratrans film hung up. These posters are displayed in a backlit light box frame, so the colors appear to be more vibrant and the poster is much more eye-catching.
So, to mimic the same effect for your exhibition booth at the next trade show you attend, you can mount your duratrans film in three different ways.

Light Boxes

Most duratrans light boxes are used in conjunction with LED bulbs. The bulbs help whatever your poster is stand out and pop more. LED bulbs also offer you 50,000 or more hours of light time as long as they are correctly installed in the duratrans light box. This is great when you are constantly using your light boxes for trade shows.

Acrylic Sheets

A more traditional way people mount custom duratrans film is between two sheets of acrylic. The film is melted between the two sheets of acrylic and protects the print. The light evenly diffuses throughout the print.


Something that has been trending as of late is a backlit sign rolled as a tabletop centerpiece. It provides you with more eye-catching flair for your trade show booth and creates a much more significant impact. It helps your booth stand out more among the other booths.

What are the Advantages of Duratrans Printing?

When you choose duratrans printing, you will have much better sharpness, contrast, and clarity to your prints. You cannot find this with other materials. Duratrans has a very unique manufacturing process that supports each of these elements and helps ensure that your image is never going to be cloudy or blurry.

What is the Standard Turnaround Time for Duratrans Prints?

The standard turnaround time for duratrans prints is typically 5-7 business days. Once the final proofs are approved, this is the approximate production time you may find.


Lambda Duratrans Backlit Graphics / Pricing
Available up to 48″ wide by almost unlimited lengths

How to use this chart: Multiply the width and height of your graphic to determine the square inch number.
Example: a 25″ x 40″ graphic is 25 x 40 = 1000 sq. in.. Therefore, the graphic with a Laminate is $259.00. Plex: If you require your graphic to be mounted to 1/8″ plex, please multiply your graphic price by 1.3 per panel.

Size in
Sq. Inches
Size in
Sq. Inches
Size in
Sq. Inches
0 – 100 –>$45$552001 – 2100 –>$379$4604001 – 4100 –>$670$817
101 – 200 –>$57$692101 – 2200 –>$390$4754101 – 4200 –>$685$835
201 – 300 –>$77$952201 – 2300 –>$407$4944201 – 4300 –>$700$854
301 – 400 –>$99$1192301 – 2400 –>$420$5104301 – 4400 –>$715$872
401 – 500 –>$116$1422401 – 2500 –>$436$5344401 – 4500 –>$730$890
501 – 600 –>$140$1702501 – 2600 –>$455$5524501 – 4600 –>$745$909
601 – 700 –>$157$1922601 – 2700 –>$469$5704601 – 4700 –>$760$927
701 – 800 –>$175$2142701 – 2800 –>$485$5904701 – 4800 –>$775$945
801 – 900 –>$194$2352801 – 2900 –>$507$6204801 – 4900 –>$790$964
901 – 1000 –>$212$2592901 – 3000 –>$515$6274901 – 5000 –>$805$982
1001 – 1100 –>$224$2743001 – 3100 –>$530$6455001 – 5100 –>$820$1000
1101 – 1200 –>$239$2903101 – 3200 –>$542$6605101 – 5200 –>$835$1019
1201 – 1300 –>$259$3143201 – 3300 –>$557$6795201 – 5300 –>$850$1037
1301 – 1400 –>$274$3343301 – 3400 –>$572$6975301 – 5400 –>$867$1055
1401 – 1500 –>$289$3503401 – 3500 –>$585$7145401 – 5500 –>$880$1074
1501 – 1600 –>$304$3703501 – 3600 –>$599$7305501 – 5600 –>$895$1092
1601 – 1700 –>$319$3873601 – 3700 –>$613$7455601 – 5700 –>$910$1110
1701 – 1800 –>$332$4053701 – 3800 –>$627$7655701 – 5800 –>$925$1129
1801 – 1900 –>$349$4233801 – 3900 –>$642$7805801 – 5900 –>$940$1147
1901 – 2000 –>$360$4393901 – 4000 –>$657$7995901 – 6000 –>$955$1165

Quantity discounts available for duplicate images. Please call for quote.