Twist Counter – Square Counter

twist-square-counter-largeStandard Kit: $995
Includes: Counter hardware with bolts/allen key, plain white body panels, birch finish (white or black Sintra also available), and padded cardboard box (47.5 x 25.25 x 3.5). NOTE: you may remove the white body panels from the kit if you wish by subtracting $33 per panel from the kit price.


modesto_case4 Aluminum Caps: 
Add $40.00
Replaces bolts/allen key with easy turn aluminum bolt caps.
Acrylic Shelf: Add $73.00 ea.
Replace any birch finish shelf with frosted acrylic shelf.
Printed Panels: Add $67.00 ea.
Replace plain white body panels with printed graphic panels.
Shipping Case: $330.00
Black thermoplastic case with wheels. 48 x 25.5 x 8.

twist-square-counter-large-3modestoOverall size:
23″w x 23″d x 40.5″h

Panel size:
18″w x 30.5″h

28 lbs.

Shipping Weight:
36 lbs.

Shelf Weight Limit:


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