Comfortable Plush Carpet Tiles

Don't trip your clients - get a beveled edge on your plush carpet tiles!

Interlocking carpet tiles are custom made to order, typically ship in 5 business days after order is placed.

The Designer tiles and the Plush Comfort tiles are almost identical, except they are offered in different colors and finishes.


Our comfortable interlocking plush carpet tiles and the designer carpet tiles are both made from high density EVA foam, with a High-Tech finish, and they are Fire Retardant, Anti-Fatigue & Shock Absorbent, which allows for easy cleaning and added durability. 

Our Carpet carpet tiles are the highest quality interlocking carpet tiles on the market. The 5/8″ thickness and high density foam make this flooring very appealing to many exhibitors. The Interlocking Tiles are available in many popular colors - see color choices for both the Plush Comfort and the Designer tile series.

Our interlocking tiles are thicker than other tiles, but each 2x2 interlocking carpet tile only weighs 1.8 lb. The foam is comfortably soft, but amazingly durable. The result is that you can stand on these plush carpet tiles to rest your feet at a long trade show!

  • The optional beveled edges on your plush carpet tiles make sure your clients aren’t tripping as they come to visit. Our American-made tiles are the only ones that can be beveled, to reduce the risk of tripping when entering the trade show booth.  
  • And we can add electrical channeling under the plush carpet tiles to hide your electrical wiring too!
  • (There is an added charge for these options; see the "accessories" drop-down above for details.)

Benefits of Interlocking Plush Carpet Tiles

If you are on the fence about which flooring choice would be ideal for your next trade show event, then you should place some serious consideration toward the following benefits of plush carpet interlocking tiles.

Portable and Lightweight

Interlocking tiles are incredibly lightweight and portable, making them the ideal option for transporting to and from several trade shows per year. Interlocking tiles are often considered an exhibitor's favorite for these reasons. Who has time to fuss with flooring when there is plenty of other tasks to attend to?

Easy and Quick Installation

Our interlocking carpet tiles are also quick and easy to install. You will really need only one person to install and dismantle the tiles, so you can use your other staff for other tasks. You can assemble this kind of flooring in just minutes.

Anti-Fatigue and Comfort

You will also find that the plush carpet tiles offer the padding you and your potential customers need as you walk and stand for hours on end at the trade show. A hard, concrete floor can wreak havoc on your back and muscles. However, a plush and firm flooring option like this makes it easier to stand for a long time and helps combat fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, our interlocking Comfort Plush Carpet Tiles provide you with a very cozy and homey feel for your display. It is comfortable, easy to install, and can make or break the overall look and feel of your display. Carpet options are always a good choice when you are looking for something more comfortable in a high traffic area. 

When you choose to purchase the carpet tile over renting it, you will also find that you can save money as well. The savings begin to add up, especially if you find yourself using the interlocking tile several times a  year.

You will also be able to keep the carpeting in good condition since it is yours, and you follow through with the maintenance yourself. Other flooring products that you can rent for a trade show may look worn and have indentations and other apparent damage that can detract from an otherwise memorable display.

Plush Carpet Tile FAQS

Do you have to use padding with plush carpet tiles? 

All you need to have for carpet tile installation is a relatively clean and level subfloor without any padding. So, if you are at a trade show and the venue has hard concrete flooring, then this is the ideal base for your carpet tiles.

No additional padding is needed or recommended for use with the padded plush carpet tiles.

What is the best way to maintain carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles can be rinsed when soiled and then hung to dry. If there is a tile that is severely soiled and you can't get it clean, you can simply replace it. This is one of the best advantages of using carpet tiles as your flooring option. You won't have to replace the entire carpet roll in case of damage.

Note - plush carpet tiles are printed in batches, and colors may vary slightly, or your tiles may fade slightly after a year or so in use. It is good practice to purchase a few extra perimeter tiles, and a few inner tiles, so that if any get stained, you have a perfect color match replacement ready to use.

How to install interlocking carpet tiles to a concrete floor?

Before you start, attach a 3-5 inch wide strip of clear tape underneath the outside edge of the perimeter carpet tiles. Permanently. This way, you can put double sided tape on the floor, underneath the outside perimeter tiles, so they can't be kicked or accidentally lifted off the floor.

If you don't tape down those outside tiles, show management almost always will - and if you put that first piece of tape on the underside of your carpet tile, then the tape on the floor sticks to your tape, not the carpet tile, and it is simple to then remove the show carpet tape from the tape on your carpet.

If you skip this step, the common result, for those that haven’t prepared for it, or experienced it, is that when you try to remove the carpet tile it is VERY easy for that double-sided tape to remove a layer of your tile's backing. It only takes a few times, and your plush carpet tile is ruined and needs to be replaced.

Once you have that tape installed on the perimeter tiles, start with one side of those perimeter tiles and work each tile one at a time to ensure your floor covering fits tightly together, and there are no gaps.

Interlocking carpet squares easily slide into place, almost like a puzzle, which results in quick and easy installation without any extra hassle. Once you've finished, you can quickly lift up the perimeter edges and add a double-sided tape to the floor, to help hold everything in place.

Do plush carpet tiles show seams?

When interlocking tiles are placed together, they create a very snug fit, so no adhesives are necessary to keep them in place. Since there is no adhesive and there are several carpet squares, you may see a bit of the seam, but they do fit together tightly for a more put-together look.

This is another reason to choose higher quality carpet tiles. Cheap carpet tiles may show the seams a lot more and may not fit together as nicely. 

Need a more elegant trade show flooring option? Check out the Comfort Flex Vinyl Interlocking tiles.

Custom sizes available in 2ft increments.

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