Trade Show Flooring Ideas: Advertise and Rest Your Feet!

Something to think about when at a trade show is your choice for trade show flooring and how it helps your trade show stands' appearance as well as helping your feet. Here at American Image Displays, we know that standing on your feet all day demonstrating your product at a trade show can be exhausting. A high quality trade show carpet with foam padding can help soothe your feet a lot, while also providing an appealing aesthetic or even advertising that some people don't think about.

Remember, even a small 10x10 booth has 100 SF of trade show carpet - if you use that surface to advertise, that's a lot of extra advertising! And even a small branded strip across the front of the booth can have a high impact.

Exhibitors looking to maximize their trade show investments should evaluate the impact of the extra advertising. And also the impact of your clients possibly spending some extra time with you, just to relax on the padded carpet!

​Check out some of our trade show booth flooring and carpeting products and see for yourself how they can make a real difference in improving your overall appearance. These ideas can also prevent you from having to soak your feet at the end of a long day. For all of the options in flooring, check out our article on the best trade show flooring.

Felt Carpeting with Printed Images

​One way to add to your advertising is with a felt carpet strip, in either a narrow strip or a larger width, with a full-length printed image of something related to your business. This could be a picture of your product, your logo, or anything else eye-catching. Scotts Turf Builder used this printing method once and made their felt carpeting look like real turf for an amazing effect.

Printed in full color, these printed felt carpet strips are very vibrant and have the potential to make you stand out from any trade show competition. The carpeting is also a bit easier on the feet thanks to using polyester felt and rubber backing. This printing option is less expensive than a dye sub print on a full size trade show carpet, so can be a good option for the budget-conscious exhibitor.

Printed felt carpet strip

​Printed Full Color Felt Carpet Strip

Interlocking Trade Show Carpet Tiles Photo

​Wood Print Interlocking Floor Tiles

Trade Show Interlocking Floor Tiles or Carpet

Trade show interlocking floor tiles are light weight and inexpensive (only $385 for a 10x10!). We sell these very portable trade show flooring tiles in 2x2 or 2x4 sizes so they're easy to transport and set up - and shipping costs are much lower than rolled carpet. The standard interlocking floor tiles come in a variety of carpet colors and simulated wood and stone prints. ​

The comfort comes in the ultra foam padding we place into the carpet and tiles. The padding measures at about 1/2 inch and is fire retardant to meet all standard trade show and convention requirements. It's also shock absorbent if your product happens to fall off your counter space. There are plenty of color choices with the modular carpet options. A half dozen or so primary carpet colors are available, as well as dozens of wood and stone prints. Don't forget to consider beveling the front edges, to make the tiles look stylish, and help to prevent having your visitors trip on the edge of the carpet tiles. For added advertising options, we offer the option for full color prints on these interlocking tiles. 

Printed Interlocking Tiles

​Printed Interlocking Tiles

Plush Carpeting

If you want to go high end and use plush trade show carpet to help your feet and the look of your trade show area, that is also an option. We offer 30 oz carpet as a standard, and up to 50 ounces for that extra plus feeling so that your feet will feel soothed after eight hours of standing. Our carpet can be cut in various shapes and made so they're easy to ship right to your door. We even do carpet binding for a bit of customization.

Numerous colors are available in our trade show carpet line, plus you also have the ability to print your logo or even your specific branding colors onto the carpet for the ultimate in promotional purposes. Visitors at your trade show will be impressed that you went to so much trouble in thinking of the details.

If you are thinking about advertising, you may want to consult with a graphic designer for trade show flooring.

Visit us here at American Image Displays to see all of our carpeting options, including rolled bamboo trade show flooring for those who want to be greener. Don't let your feet suffer again at a trade show, or miss the chance to prove that trade show carpet can boost your advertising and impact at shows as much as great looking trade show banners do.

In need of a little inspiration? See these trade show booth ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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