Trade Show Displays: Tips for Creating Great Exhibition Stands

When you are planning your exhibit for a trade show, remember to be creative and unique. Taking the extra time to make sure you cover all the bases can be the difference between making a good impression and not being remembered. 

Earlier this year, college basketball’s Final Four tournament, for the last four teams left trying to win the annual championship, was held in Houston. Over the same weekend, there was also a convention for college basketball coaches from all over the country. At this convention there were all kinds of booths and presentations, from simple black booths up to a full basketball court with players demonstrating drills. But there was one that made the biggest impression. 

EZ12 truss displayThere were four companies present that provide tech products to help coaches to develop game plans. One had a plain booth, two had slightly  more elaborate pop up trade show displays, but one business had a Truss Display that was perfect for their product. 

They caught the attention of just about every coach with an EZ 12 Square Truss Display. Since they were offering a technology product, they placed monitors on each of the four outside posts to intrigue the coaches and then drew attention toward the center of the display with banners and memorabilia running from the outside to the center. In the center they had a round booth with more monitors and a couple of representatives to speak about the company. 

The well thought-out display won them one of the largest crowd at custom modular trade show display large-VK-1014the event. The thing is, their product was not incredibly unique or even all that impressive but they understood what matters at a convention or trade show. They understood that many of the coaches in attendance were young and would certainly be attracted by edgy, modern pop up trade show displays with tech gadgets. 

A Truss Display may or may not be the best solution for your specific requirement. It may make more sense to choose a different option from the number of pop up trade show displays available. The point is, you have to think your needs and take the time to select the display that will work with both the anticipated audience and your product to make the trade show a success.

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