Trade Show Displays: The FAST Method for Planning Success

If you’re designing trade show displays for your next trade show or convention, you have a lot to think about. The task can seem daunting if you don’t have a plan or checklist because there are quite a few details that go into it. So, to help you out, here is a four-letter acronym to help you get the planning done FAST
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Flooring can do a lot to draw a line between yourtrade show display space and the space of other companies. The right trade show flooring can also add to the effect and feel of your space in a way that helps you make a successful pitch. This single tool can add advertising (with a logo tile), great color matching to complement your other exhibit stand components, as well as added comfort for your sales team and your clients. Take the time to think about the way your flooring will compliment the look and layout of your display.


Arrangement is just another way of saying design. Of course, you have probably already considered most of the graphics and styling ideas that you want to include in your trade show display design, right? Also remember to think about the various staff tasks (greeting, qualifying, marketing, follow up activities) that need to occur in the booth space. Plan in advance so that the displays and accessories are arranged in a way that helps coordinate booth tasks and guide traffic flow.


Don’t plan the staff for an event before you have a good idea of the flooring and arrangement you’re going to use. Clearly, the number of staff members you need for an event depends on the arrangement and size of your space and how much help will be needed to install and remove the pop up trade show displays. The products or services you will be promoting also determine which staff members to bring, because the on site team needs to have the appropriate knowledge and skill set. inventory sucks


This is an obvious concern during the planing process. It is necessary to understand how easy it will be to transport your trade show displays and accessories. How do you plan to get to the show? How will the booth equipment get there? If you’re driving, make sure what size space you need to transport the displays. If you’re shipping the exhibit, then determine the shipping requirements – can it go UPS or FedEx, or does it require freight trucking? How long witll that transportation take? Cost?

If you’re working on trade show display booth design and need help with any part of the planning process, contact a trade show expert. They have the experience and knowledge to give great advice, and undoubtedly have encountered most of the potential problems already – there is no gain in reinventing those problems again yourself!

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