Trade Show Displays: Making Yours POP

Trade shows are a great resource for drumming up new business and increasing the reach of your business. There are potential clients literally walking by, right in front of you, so the question is,”How do I get them to notice me?”freemonitor2

The answer is that you have to make your booth “pop” and attract notice. Custom trade show displays are one of the ways to do that.

Think about the Length of the Event
Trade shows offer you a great opportunity to make a first impression but they may also allow you to make a second and third impression. If the event is longer than one day, for instance, you may want to change the background fabric or digital display material from day-to-day so visitors notice the change and stay interested (this also gives you an opportunity to do some A/B testing, to decide which graphic or material works better.)

Go Out on a Limb
You need to be bold. Use colors, digital displays, innovative frames and unique layouts that will set your presentation and booth apart from the others. This may mean pushing the limits as far as you can but keep the target audience and your business reputation in mind.

Add a “Surprise” Element
Get creative here. This can often mean surprising attendees by adding an element which they would not have expected to see at the event. For example, football season is in full swing and you could find a way to tie that in to your display, even if your business has nothing to do with football. If the event is on a weekend, bring a television and maybe even a sports mascot to help attract attention.

custom trade show displayDon’t Be Afraid to Say,”I’m Better Than My Competition.”

At least imply it, if you don’t want to actually say it outright. Just remember that, if you are presenting at a trade show specific to your industry, many competitors will have booths there as well. You believe in your business and its products, so don’t shy away from displaying exactly why you are better.
Trade show displays are a critical part of your success and return on investment. If you don’t make yours “pop,” you are not using trade shows correctly and you’re losing money.

Before investing lots of cash in your next trade show, do yourself a favor and visit our site to see some amazing trade show displays. You can also take a look at the many other resources that can help you find the best trade show displays for your next show.

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