Trade Show Displays – Be CREATIVE!

Trade Shows can be a great resource for marketing and promoting your business. That is only the case, however, if you are able to make a great impression on potential customers at the events. If not, they are simply a waste of money. 

With that in mind, take a look at these two examples of custom trade show displays that can inspire your imagination to create the next show-stopping display:

Fusion-io’s Hard Drive Bull 

Fusion-io is a tech company that developed a lightening fast fusion booth 2008network of servers to stream data without the use of a hard drive. So, what do theirservers have to do with a hard drive marauding as a mechanical bull? Absolutely nothing. 

The key here is that Fusion-io understood the audience. The attendees were young, excited and looking to be entertained. The company claimed that the idea of the booth was to “kick” the hard drive but, in actuality, the genius of it is that they created a display that will be remembered by every attendee because it was fun. 

Creative, memorable and perfect for the target audience.’s “Inventory Sucks” Display

Granted, there is a slight chance that mechanical bulls are not the right fit for every company and they can also be a bit pricey. So, if you’re looking for custom trade show displays that are a bit more economical and relevant to your business, take this example from

inventory sucksThe website is a drop-shipper that allows online retail stores to ship products directly from Doba wholesalers and warehouses. But rather than show graphs and charts of how they can help streamline shipping for a company, they covered an overwhelmed businessman in piles of boxes. 

Clever, funny and, once again, memorable.     

Creative custom trade show displays like these may not be appropriate for your needs or the particular event but they show the most important thing is to make a great impression. People will talk about your show stopping display for a long time (and maybe even make YouTube videos or write blogs about it) if you do a great job.

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