Trade Show Displays – 4 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Great Ones!

OverwhelmedPlanning for a trade show can be utterly overwhelming, and even terrifying if you are new to it. You have to decide on everything from the font on your business cards to whether you need to bring an extra sales person, as well as what type of background would compliment your business most effectively.

 Here are four things to think about when planning trade show displays:

Emulating Successful Examples
Chances are, you’ve attended events in the past. Do your best to remember which booths were most successful at attracting crowds and try to recall what it was about them that attendees enjoyed. You can also look at websites like the Trade Show News Network for pictures, news and videos of best practices.

Standing Out Physically Stand-out-in-the-crowd
Look at pictures from the year before or, if those are not available, from trade shows that are closely related. Knowing what to expect from other trade show displays can help you know what to do to set yourself apart. This is just as important as understanding what is successful because a unique exhibition booth can leave an impression that lasts for years.

Standing Out Mentally
While using attention-getting colors or a modern display frame can separate you physically, you also need to make a mental statement. Trade show displays can be tweaked to add shelves, digital screens, and a variety of different accessories that can help communicate your company’s message in a memorable fashion. Think about the message, consider what medium would be best-suited and build it into your display.

modular display DM-0805_mainClosing the Loop
Now that you’ve set yourself up for success by designing a great looking and effective trade show display andalso made sure to develop a unique approach, you need to finish the process by closing the loop. For example, if you need a credit card processing machine to make a sale, choose a display that has a chest-level shelf where the machine is easily accessible. If you plan on a digital presentation, reserve electrical power and bring a power strip!

Of course, only you know your business and exactly what you want to accomplish. Just remember that you will be successful if you follow good examples while also maintaining your unique identity. Design your display stand in a way that assists, rather than hinders, your ability to close the loop.

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