Trade Show Display Marketing Tips for Dummies

Trade shows are a proven marketing method, not only for gaining new leads for your business, but for solidifying and even expanding relationships with current customers. And the crucial part of the marketing strategy is very simple – when exhibiting at a trade show, you must plan to stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors.

Trade show visitors need to be intrigued and interested at their first glance when walking up and down the aisles by a booth’s visual appearance – if it looks boring, they will walk on by and ignore you.

Integrate the concepts outlined below into your trade show marketing strategy in order to have a better showing at your next event.

1. Material

Trade Show Displays are now offered in a LOT more variations than the standard (boring) pop-up design of years past. New resources allow your design to be more up-to-date, eye catching and – just as important for those working the booth – easy to put together and take down.

When making an investment into trade show booths, consider how much use the booth will get and how much it will travel, how many different markets it will address, and how many different people will use it. While more durable materials may come at a slightly higher price, they will last much longer, ensuring that you will recover your investment with use.

2. Imagery

Graphics designs and images used in your exhibition stand design needs to pop!In addition to ensuring that images are printed in high resolution for the clearest pictures, you need to consider how your design will read from afar as well up-close. Incorporate your company name, logo, tag lines, photographs and anything that will resonate with your target buyer.

20ft wide trade modular trade s how displayAt the same time, while it may be tempting to include everything into your booth design, the most effective designs are simple, yet still full of impact. Passers-by are not going to want to read your complete marketing brief on your back wall or banner stand. The most important consideration is whether your design contains that wow factor that will make someone to stop at your booth. Once they are engaged, you can utilize other, more standard marketing techniques, to turn that visitor into a qualified lead or sale.

3. Multi-Media Usage

In addition to the actual trade show display, effective companies utilize a variety of media formats to attract visitors. Streaming video and audio should be integrated into the booth’s overall design. Media can be integrated into the booth design itself, or can be used in stand-alone fixtures placed throughout the layout, intended to enhance the overall design.

4. Booth Layout

Once you have grabbed the attention of a potential customer, you need to keep it. In addition to your booth’s stunning design and eye-catching graphics, incorporate literature stands, banner stands, counters, carpet, and other booth layout accessories for the best effect.

These trade show booth accessories should help to maximize the impact on your visitors and still gently encourage and direct movement throughout your booth and easy access to promotional materials for your booth’s staff. Your booth needs to serve a dual function; it must attract visitors and also facilitate the ease of doing business.

Strategic planning when it comes to designing and choosing custom trade show displays will ensure that not only do you capture the attention of potential customers, but that you make a direct impact whenever you choose to exhibit at a show.

If you are overwhelmed with the many options or do not know where to begin, consult with a trade show specialist – most good display companies have trained specialists on staff to help you create the optimal impact at your next show.

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