Trade Show Candy: Is Offering Candy at Trade Shows A Good Idea?

Anything you can do to enhance attendance at your event is great. Over the years, many businesses have developed strategies to attract people. People usually only attend booths that offer more than goods and service information. That’s where trade show candy supposedly comes in. The thinking is that nothing says “you’re welcome” better than candies. 

These days, most trade shows offer candies. And, because most booths offer sweets, you need to think about what will make your candy special. And, what will be the implication if you don’t provide candies?

In some instances, offering trade show candy has been termed one of the common mistakes people make at trade shows. That’s because there’s nothing unique in candies.

So, customers end up eating the candy, and that’s it. It’s just something they throw into their mouth.

So, while candies at trade shows aren’t necessarily bad, steps can be taken to make them more effective.

What Is Trade Show Candy?

What Is Trade Show Candy?

Trade show candies are not different from any other type of candy. They are treats that are offered to visitors freely at tradeshows.

They serve various purposes, like refreshments for customers, attraction for clients, and much more. Also, trade show candy can be used as souvenirs as they can be branded to reflect the service rendered by a firm.

Trade shows are a great marketing strategy for attracting and retaining new customers. They are also a means of creating a one-on-one feel with prospective and current clients.

Of course, you can use trade shows as a public relations tool to inform the public better about what you do and get feedback on your services and products. Trade shows are an invaluable tool for customer data and marketing intelligence.

Trade show candy can stand out from other types of sweets as they can be used to meet different needs. They can be customized and made more attractive.

People love unique things, so if a little more creativity is added to their presentation, the business may be remembered better. Offered at the entrance of booths, trade show candies can be any candy and can be of any variety. 

Why Would You Give Away Candy at a Trade Show?

Why Would You Give Away Candy at a Trade Show?

Trade shows are about the fun side of businesses. It’s not always a strict business setting. You’ll come across games, music, food, and many giveaways.

While promoting your trade show, you can also inform the public that you’ll be offering exciting giveaways, including candies! 

Anything that makes people feel at home and enjoy their time at your booth is a good thing. Candies are one of the commonest means of attracting guests to booths at trade shows. It is so effective that almost all, if not all, businesses offer them. 

Trade shows are only successful when visitors come. The easiest way to persuade attendees to attend is through the offer of candies. That’s why it is done often.

Customers also feel at home when they have something they can snack on at no cost. Even if they don’t make a purchase, they will still enjoy every moment spent there. That’s goodwill.

Also, you want to leave a positive impression on those that meet you for the first time. Candies provide an easy way to achieve that.

Candies can also be customized. When you design the wrappers, putting your brand on there can keep you in the minds of the attendees for a long time.

So, you can use candies as a marketing campaign, even after people have left the trade show.

Finally, in terms of ROI, the amount you spend on candies compared to the results you get makes it a smart option to ensure success at trade shows.

What Types of Trade Show Candy are There?

What Types of Trade Show Candy are There?

As we said, trade show candies are no different to regular candies. However, they can be used to make trade shows more engaging, exciting, and attractive.

There are different types of trade show candies, and examples include fruit-filled mini hard candy, chocolate balls, nuggets, cinnamon mints, peppermint starlight mints, and more. best What is the best candy for meetings?

Perhaps, the most critical aspect of trade show candies is their presentation. When you customize the wrappers of your candies, you add a unique feel to them.

You can personalize the wrappers of your chocolate bars, chocolate squares, and more.

What Kind of Candy to Pick

It’s important to know which candy to pick. Your choice should depend on the kind of people you expect at your booth. If you are expecting children to attend your booth, ensure you provide candies that are appropriate to them.

Since candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk, you should choose your candy based on the ingredients. Color should also be an essential factor that you consider.

Examples of candies that attract children include caramels, chocolates, gummies, cotton candies, and lollipops. Hard candies that dissolve slowly in the mouth would be ideal for teenagers and young adults. Chewing gum would also attract them.

Other candies that teenagers prefer include chocolates, sweets, gummies, and licorice. Adults prefer peppermints, sours, hard candies, and chewing gum.

However, you should have a wide variety of candies at your trade shows as you may not be able to tell in advance who will visit your booth.

How Much Does Trade Show Candy Cost?

How Much Does Trade Show Candy Cost?

If you brand your candies, which we advise you to do, it will cost more. Otherwise, the cost will only be determined by the type of candy you are offering.


If you brand your candies, each wrapper may cost about $0.10 per mint—if you’re offering mints. A wrapper of a chocolate bar may cost about $0.55 to brand.

Chocolate squares may cost you an additional $0.20 per wrapper, while chocolate coins will be about $0.35 per coin. If you’re offering bags of candies, each bag may cost up to $1.50 to brand. 

Type of Candy

The cost of the candy is also essential to consider. Let’s look at some great examples and what they cost.

Fruit-filled mini hard candy sells for $3.95. Lifesavers wintergreen wrapped costs $6.55. 100 Grand candy bars sell for $9.95.

Quality Spi-C-cinnamon mints cost $4.25. Pastel-wrapped gourmet mints (2 pieces) sell for $11.95, while Mint Colombina mini hard candies cost $3.95.

Smarties candy money costs $4.95 and Lifesavers 5 flavor hard candy wrapped costs $6.55. Hershey nuggets cost $7.85, while Madelaine world chocolate balls go for $14.95.

Quality peppermint starlight mints cost $3.95, and you can get red, white, and blue starlight mints for $4.55.

Whatever your budget, you can always get candies that will draw people and improve your sales, at affordable prices.

How Does Trade Show Candy Help You?

How Does Trade Show Candy Help You?

Offering candy at trade shows can benefit you and your business in many ways, we’ll discuss some of these ways below.

  • Branding: Your trade show stands to gain a lot from the branding that candies offer. Even after the event, attendees can still refer to your business if you provide branded candies.
  • Lure for Attendees: To lure attendees, offer them what they want. And who doesn’t want candies? Although almost all booths offer candies these days, you can stand out with the way you present them.
  • Pleasant Sensation Associated with Your Brand: Candies are sweet, so they help to improve how your brand is presented. This is one way to go if you want to improve your brand’s goodwill.


Many trade show hosts have used the power of candies over the years. We encourage you to make this idea more exciting by using them as rewards rather than mere gifts.

By this, we mean that you can attach the candies to fun tasks, like spelling or simple quizzes. People tend to appreciate anything that they have to work a little for.

If you’re thinking of using candies at your next trade show, now you have some better ideas on how to do so. You’ll love the experience!