Trade Show Banners that Catch the Eye

TF-607_mainAre you looking for something different? Why not try a trade show banner with a different shape, or one with internal lighting, or one that spins? Or combine a tradional banner stand with a new technology like a digital banner stand. An interactive video banner stand will give your customers an interactive experience with sound, images, and videos. Alternating between the two will provide your booth with a changing visual display. dbs_main-resized-600

In high traffic trade show or locations the digital banner stand will help you handle the customer flow.  It is easy to set up and comes with a case with wheels for easy transport. There is no need for a computer or external player except for the initial programming. It has built in speakers, memory,  is compatible with most memory cards, and is operated by a remote control.

The dBs digital banner stands has graphic and video design services and technical support available to customers. It also has shelving display cases and literature racks. This banner display enhances all  trade show displays and conference setups.

iPad or tablet PC kiosks are another small freestanding compact display used to promote products and services. They make a great secondary display at trade shows for customers to interact with while staff members are busy. When you attend a trade show and there are two or three staff members one usually takes a break. Naturally, that’s when the customers decide to flock to the booth to talk with you!

An iPad kiosk with interactive information or just graphics and literature can hold the customer’s attention while waiting for personal attention.  Even if you are not there the kiosk can engage the customer who may come back later when you get back from your break. It enhances all trade show displays.

Most kiosks are easy too use and lightweight.  Many have interactive features and come with a laptop, computer, touch screen, keyboard, CD-Rom drive and sound. They are small so often they fit anywhere easily like malls, stores, hotels, near trade show booths or company lobbies. They are perfect for use at tradeshows, meeting or conferences. Often they can be designed or adapted to your particular business. Most come with carrying cases with wheels so they are easy to transport from one place to the next. This is important when setting up trade show displays.

ipad kiosk with shelfA kiosk should have have shelving and plenty of storage space. The design should look uncluttered and professional. Outdoor kiosks are designed for outdoor events like festivals, sporting events and shows. Outdoor kiosk are often made of material that withstand rain and wind. When looking for kiosk determine is an interactive kiosk or a regular one is best for you. If you want staff interaction without the computer technology, than a traditional kiosk might suit your needs better.

Learn to set up the kiosk before you attend a sales presentation or trade show.  Know how to use the interactive features, so you can show customers when they come to your booth. Many interactive kiosks have software that make it easy to set up and use. Look for a user friendly display setup where you do not have to set up the kiosk using screwdrivers and many individual parts.  The easier it is to put up and take down the happier you will be!

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