Vinyl Banner Stands – The Economic Edge

There is a time and a place to update everything, and the time has come for our time-tested Economic Edge to be replaced by it's new and improved relatives. 

For those of you looking to purchase a similarly shaped and priced banner stand to the go-to Economic Edge of the past, the reliable V-Stand Retractable Banner Stand is the one for you. The features are nearly the identical, with a standard 3-part pole system and both the fabric and vinyl graphics being identical in cost to allow the user freedom of choice. These stands come in silver and a variety of sizes.

Alternatively, for those of you looking to test out our new front-runner for quality, affordability, and simplicity, check out the Blade Lite Retractable Banner Stand. The hardware is high-quality while still being familiarly lightweight, with an improved pole that allows for varying heights and a multitude of options for the user. The stand does not need the support of base feet.

Lastly, for those of you looking to stick with the slimmer version of the 5" x 5" tubular model frame but are seeking the highest quality, we recommend the Pronto Retractable Banner Stand. This hardware brings industry-leading materials at an affordable price, with a range of options include double-sided and diamond back (which allows no silhouettes or light from the background to distort your imaging on the front).

american image displays retractable banner stand VStand
american image displays retractable banner stand blade lite
pronto bannerstand