Blimp Hanging Banners

Exhibitor Tip: Have you ever seen the airplane luggage commercials? You know, the one where they're tossing your stuff around? Protect your assets with a hard shipping case!

You know it - it's all about catching your potential customer's eye and getting them to engage. These trade show hanging banners do just that. They hang from the ceiling and practically scream your brand out loud for  you! And they're so light weight they can be hung almost anywhere.
Get your very own Blimp™ flying in the air today!

blimp hanging banners for trade shows
Blimp hanging banner construction details

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Get your message heard above the noise of the exhibit hall floor! Dangle hanging trade show banners from the ceiling to shout your name and help clients find you. A good looking hanging banner at your event will help bring more eyes to your booth, because they can now find you from farther away.

Our trade show hanging banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are all custom printed, of course, and come with multiple options like double sided printing, printed bottom panels, and even hanging one banner below another to create an aerial event above your booth to even further set yourself apart from the competition.

You're already paying for the space above your booth - don't waste that investment and let your trade show booth get lost in the crowd - go vertical at your next trade show!

These extra large trade show hanging banners are produced from lightweight aluminum and high quality fabric, enabling you to practically hang them anywhere and boost your visibility at your next trade show or event, and they work great in retail locations too!

Blimp trade show hanging banners are printed in the USA, with an eagle eye out for quality and economy. They will help you stretch your exhibit budget to the maximum! Each unit includes the sturdy but light weight aluminum frame, a high quality single sided or double sided full color dye sublimation printed fabric graphic, a hanging harness and a soft carry bag. We recommend protecting your asset with a hard shipping case too.

The Blimp trade show hanging banner printing and test-fit process takes 4 business days prior to shipping.