Economic Feather Flags

We have a wide assortment of Feather Flags – with 5 different shapes, and 4 or more sizes per shape. These outdoor flags and banners are ideal for outdoor events where the elements are unpredictable.

The feather flags are just as effective inside also, and come with optional indoor bases.

Weighing less than 2kg, our feather flags come to life when they rotate in the wind.

The graphics are a “breeze” to change as well, making these feather flags an economic and user-friendly advertising solution.

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Our feather flag pricing is very competitive - small flag prices start at about $140, and the largest 17ft tall flags are about $350 ($700 double-sided) (click order tool to see exact cart prices).

All standard packages include:
Feather flag carrying bag
Ground stake with rotating feature
Tapered fiberglass rod
High definition dye-sublimation graphics

Our feather flags are MADE in the USA, and they ship in 3-4 days after artwork is approved for print.

Feather Flags & Banners

Your Best Outdoor Advertising Tools

Many businesses and stores have everything needed for online advertising, and even for interior merchandising, but hide behind drab walls. Their potential customers drive by every day, without any idea that those businesses are nearby.

Maybe it’s time for some effective outdoor advertising?

Our online trade show supplies store here at showcases feather flags from 3 different suppliers, so that our customers have a bigger selection of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and prices.

These “spin and flap in the wind” banners are designed to draw customers in from outside any establishment. No pedestrians are immune from the lure of these eye-catching flags and banners! Seriously, lots of businesses use teardrop and feather flags to increase brand recognition. These spinning and fluttering flags are also perfect for advertising sales, highlighting new products like cars and boats, and showing off your logos – doing all this for you outside, in the wind, sun, and rain.

Our inexpensive flags come in many shapes, including straight, angled, curved, and more. All of these different shaped flags provide users with an excellent way to target advertisements, and all of them can be custom printed.

In addition, our flags are all lightweight, simple to set up and take-down, simple to swap advertising messages. Most of them come with handy carrying bags.

This makes them perfect for use in car lots, shopping malls, on sidewalks and boulevards, along with any beach, plaza or retail stores.