DiamondFlex ™ Banner Stands

DiamondFlex™ 50 Desk Top Model 

Our newest model!  Image area: 15.75” W x 35.4” H, the perfect size for a desktop or counter. Highlight your marketing message!

DiamondFlex DF 400 Banner Stand

The DiamondFlex DF 400 is our most popular DiamondFlex banner stand, with a 33"wide graphic. DF400 Graphic Template

DiamondFlex DF 447 Banner Stand

The DiamondFlex DF 447 is our wider DiamondFlex banner stand, with a 47"wide graphic.
DF447_Graphic Template

DiamondFlex DF 800 Banner Stand

The DiamondFlex ™ DF 800 is our DiamondFlex double-sided banner stand, with two 33"wide graphics.
DF400 & DF800_Graphic Template 

The DiamondFlex banner stands are premium engineered banner stands, designed and guaranteed for a lifetime of marketing performance. 

Engineering considerations for the DiamondFlex Banner Stands include:

  • The top rail is one of the industry’s thickest at 1.46 mm to prevent bending and hold the graphic straight, true and visually appealing.
  • The graphic support pole is extruded, drawn and hardened aluminum. This 3-part process ensures your graphic stay perfectly straight over long periods of time.
  • Support pole breaks down for packing but remains connected with a multi-stranded bungee cord. This is another feature that allows it to easily convert to a table top design. The inside of the pole is deburred for a smooth interior to prevent tears to the cord.
  • The banner stand is made from aluminum extruded at 400 degrees, in a strong yet beautiful and elegant shape
  • The aluminum is finished with a 10 micron acid anodized finish for hardness and durability
  • End plates are constructed of glass-filled nylon which is more wear-resistant and less brittle than most plastics
DS-50 Table Top Banner Stand
SC-40 Hard Shipping Case