DiamondFlex ™ Banner Stands

DiamondFlex DF 400 Banner Stand

The DiamondFlex DF 400 is our most popular DiamondFlex banner stand, with a 33"wide graphic. DF400 Graphic Template

The DiamondFlex banner stands are premium engineered banner stands, designed and guaranteed for a lifetime of marketing performance. 

Engineering considerations for the DiamondFlex Banner Stands include:

  • The top rail is one of the industry’s thickest at 1.46 mm to prevent bending and hold the graphic straight, true and visually appealing.
  • The graphic support pole is extruded, drawn and hardened aluminum. This 3-part process ensures your graphic stay perfectly straight over long periods of time.
  • Support pole breaks down for packing but remains connected with a multi-stranded bungee cord. This is another feature that allows it to easily convert to a table top design. The inside of the pole is deburred for a smooth interior to prevent tears to the cord.
  • The banner stand is made from aluminum extruded at 400 degrees, in a strong yet beautiful and elegant shape
  • The aluminum is finished with a 10 micron acid anodized finish for hardness and durability
  • End plates are constructed of glass-filled nylon which is more wear-resistant and less brittle than most plastics

DiamondFlex DF 400 Swap Banner Stand

The DiamondFlex DF401 used to be known as a Bannerbug banner stand, shipped from Australia. In 2023, that product line was moved to the USA, and is now known as the DF401, manufactured and printed in our Alabama (MultiQuad) facility. 

Banners are loaded into a cartridge contained in the base. To change banners, remove the existing cartridge and insert the new one. Anyone can replace a banner in less than 1 minute. You can even switch back and forth between banners.

Instead of telling you DF401 DiamondFlex Swap/BannerBug is premium quality, we’ll just prove it by offering you an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. If it ever fails (our fault or yours), return it and it will be repaired or replaced for free…for life!

  • 33 1/4″ x 86″ Replaceable Banners
  • Easy to Use – 60 Second Setup
  • Light Weight & Easy to Transport
  • Stability Without Feet

  • 2023 update - The DF447 and DF800 sizes have been discontinued. We offer those sizes in several different retractable banner stands, please let one of our consultants help you find what you need!