BFF Fabric Pull Up Banner Stands

Our BFF retractable pull up banners are an economical, but high quality solution for businesses looking for great looking fabric trade show banners at an economical price. The retractable banner bases are durable and strong, and come in silver or black finishes. The pull up banners are held up with 3-piece poles; the poles store in the retractable banner base, and the three pieces are connected with bungee cords to conveniently keep them grouped together.

The dye sub fabric banner on the BFF pull up banners is a high quality dye sub print that is done in FL. The printing takes only 3 days.

The fabric is the first fabric made in the US from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and yields a fantastic print quality and feel.

So how many bottles will your banner re-use? It’s actually a very simple mathematical calculation. There are 45 bottles per every kilogram of yarn, which translates into 1 bottle per square foot of One PlanetTM fabric. So each approx 3ft wide banner recycles 23 bottles!

The BFF banner stands are available in 4 different widths and three heights; you can download the graphic templates here.

  • 24 x 71 (only available single-sided)
  • 33.5 x 80 (single sided or double sided)
  • 33.5 x 90 (single sided or double sided)
  • 39.4 x 80 (single sided or double sided)
  • 39.4 x 90 (single sided or double sided)
  • 47.2 x 80 (single sided or double sided)
  • 47.2 x 90 (single sided or double sided)
  • Cell
    one planet recycled plastic stretch fabric graphic

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