Aero 2 Banner Display Stand

The Aero 2 banner display stand is a very versatile and modular tool for creating trade show display stands. It basically works like a retractable banner stand, except that the cassette holding the trade show banner goes on top, and the banner is pulled down to display. It works well paired with product display stands.

The Aero 2 casette can be moved up and down, and so can the bottom rail of this display stand.

The Aero 2 is available as a kit, or the discrete pieces can be ordered individually to build multiple kits and configurations.

  • Hardware Kit only - $965
  • (3) Vinyl full size banners - $375
  • (3) Fabric full size banners - $545

The popular Lumina 200 halogen light works with this system, and it can be positioned anywhere on the top cassette.

A lit holder and an iPad holder are also available as accessories.

The standard kit includes:

  • 3 ea, Aero 2 cassettes
  • 4 ea, Aero 2 upright poles and bases
  • 3 ea, Lumina 200 halogen lights
  • 1 ea, Aero 2 cassette soft case
  • 1 ea, Aero 2 upright pole soft case

    The Lumina 200 can be upgraded to an LED light, if preferred, and the accessories can be ordered together or separately, at any time.

    This display kit can be shipped via UPS or FedEx; for frequent shipping we recommend the OCH2 hard shipping case. (soft cases will not fit into hard case; parts need to be packed individually.)

    • Size: 72"-176.8"w x 43.25"-82.5"h x 19.7"-72"d
    • Lights can be moved and positioned anywhere on the cassette
    • The banners used are 47" wide, either fabric or vinyl, with a full color digital print
    • 11 total graphic height options (moving top cassette and/or bottom rail)
    • Works with Aero 2 system only
    • One year warranty against manufacturer defects

    Product is Discontinued