Trade Show Banner Displays: Pick a Great One!

Lights, movement, and colorful trade show graphics… these are the secrets to getting noticed at trade shows or special events. Using these concepts, newer banner stand designs now add unusual shapes, 360 degree signage, internal lighting, singly and in combinations to help get your message noticed and help you attract new clients.

lightboxTrade show banner displays have proven very reliable over the years; they are easily portable, open and close in seconds, providing near instantaneous back wall graphics and advertising. They can be found at trade shows and conferences, of course, but are also often seen in press rooms, corporate meeting rooms and lobbies, even shopping malls, bus/train stations and airports. Their easy mobility allows users to quickly modify room use and configuration while still offering colorful and professional advertising.

These banner stands can also be used together, to frame a small meeting space or booth and add an intimate feel to your display. On top of that, they give you an opportunity to place several banners so that they work together, providing a continuing story that intrigues visitors and draws them toward your focal point. They are also great for forming back drops for press announcements, backgrounds for photo shoots, and intimate surroundings for a small group.

Newer banner stands start with designs similar to standard banners, using vertical signage and graphics. But then they take a different path. Some of them use curved shapes instead of standard rectangular signs. Some of them use 3-dimensional shapes, with printing on two or more sides, so that the graphics can be seen by everyone, from any angle, at the same time.

Some of these banner stands are powered with motors and rotate slowly, so that the movement and the different shape works to draw attention. And some of the designs incorporate internal lighting, accenting your graphics and helping to attract attention.

ScreenHunter_07 Sep. 21 17.07-resized-600The Aura Backlit Banner Stand is one example of this new technology; they are perfect for making your exhibit stand out by drawing attention to it with internal lighting. (Check out all of our backlit displays that are sure to pop!) The stands come in many different sizes. Most are either square or rectangular shaped, but you can also choose from serpentine (wave) stands and other shapes that will frame the products and information you want to highlight perfectly.These stands can be combined to create internally lit, double sided walls, ideal for many different applications. The creative use of lighting contained inside the banner stand can spotlight your images and really catch your eye quickly.

Another 3D banner stand is the Brandcusi. While they are extremely light weight and portable, they come with double sided graphics, lights, shelves and even literature holders. The finished product offers a stand-alone display that literally sets up in seconds and incorporates everything needed in one place – and at $500 or less a piece, they are much less expensive than other new generation, 3D banner stands.3D Curved Banner Stand-resized-600

Other 3D banner stands can be a little heavier, but add motors and turntables, so the stand rotates slowly. These 3D towers provide the benefits of all of the above options into one stunning design. They can swivel, display graphics on all sides, they’re freestanding and come with backlighting to focus on your banners.

When you want to add a little something extra to your booth or display, think about going with 3D trade show banner displays. There is going to be a lot of competition at the event, but a banner that is shaped differently and doesn’t blend in can help catch attendees eyes and lure them away from the boring, run of the mill graphics and towards your exhibition stand.

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